To Mooc or not to Mooc, That is the Question

Not a lot of content here, but rather a note about worthwhile free education for you. I have been hearing a lot about an acronym ‘Mooc’ lately and wanted to share Mooc with you, as Mooc is something you can use.

Mooc stands for: Massive Open Online Course. Many classes in the Mooc system are free to take. Thousands of people take the same class at the same time. Some of them pass their course, and receive credit for their time work.I

looked at some of the Mooc offerings, and I have to admit, there were some classes involving math where I was lost at the course name, let alone understanding the course content. There are many other classes offered covering the basics of almost any subject you want or need to learn.

What’s the catch? As I understand the process, when you complete a course, you receive a certificate of completion or some type. You can if you are motivated enough, complete a four year college degree plan for free using the Mooc system. The catch is you will not have a piece of paper from a formal university showing what you accomplished.

This is probably the greatest educational opportunity to happen in a long time. If you have a job and want a career instead, this is a path for you to follow if finances get in the way of a more formal education. It is hard to beat free. All you need to provide is your brain power and time.

In the workforce, once you are established, employers are more motivated by what you can contribute, than they are about a piece of paper you can produce. If you learn enough to contribute to your employers profit margin at a higher level, generally your pay check reflects your contributions. If not you will have knowledge and experience to offer your next employer.

The downside of Mooc is if successful, and they remain free, our world view will shift even further to the undereducated have-nots verses the educated haves. The balance, is free learning is hard to pass up and the upside of learning is awesome.

If you are thinking about getting on the Mooc bandwagon, but are on the fence, I think giving Mooc a try is a good choice. Get a few classes under your belt, and you may find yourself earning enough to take traditional classes. From their the sky is the limit.

Here is a series of TED videos about MOOC if you wish to learn more.