To Mask or Not to Mask, That is the Question

Wear a mask or not wear a mask, is a health, social, and of late, a political issue. The world does have experience with this issue, we have either forgotten or ignored it. From the World wide Flu Epidemic of 1918 which was overshadowed and somewhat ignored due to a another event taking place. We are Human, and we do not change our behavior lightly.

World War 1 and the World Wide Flu Epidemic

The 80’th annual motorcycle meetup and party tradition going on in the moment in Sturgis, South Dakota. Most of the tens of thousands attending, are freedom loving, restrictions of any kind hating people. Masks at the rally are seen as being restrictive.

2020 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

One can only imagine in a few weeks, how Covid Virus will bloom in the cities and towns were these freedom loving people go back home to live in. Maybe it’s human nature to behave the way many do, and refuse to take precautions or care about the well being of others. Perhaps we have repeated history more often than we are aware?

To Mask or Not in 1918


Maybe because for most of us, it is not yet personal, we can’t relate, and we ignore it. 1918 here we come again. The 102’nd anniversary of a world pandemic in action. Few people have ever had the opportunity to relive history. And here we are.



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