Thunderbird Comcast Connection Refused – Solved

I am changing my computer over from my old Imac, to a Linux based computer as mentioned in a previous post . Everything worked as expected, except I could not connect to Comcast email servers. I copied and entered the settings from Thunderbird Email on my Imac and connection was refused.

After downloading and trying several distribution as I thought it was a Debian problem, I found the problem was uniformly consistent. Connection refused.

I used the alternate Imap settings and connection was refused. I have been calling Comcast and speaking with support for a few days now. Today, I was redirected from Comcast to a Thunderbird support person. Thought I was going to be reading email in a flash.

The Thunderbird person after listening informed me, that their support was only for Microsoft products and not Linux.

If you are having connection issues….










For the umpteenth time I searched the Internet for a fix. This time I searched for” “thunderbird comcast connection issues”. On the second or third page of results I found the magic key (post).

Comcast email servers will not accept IPV6 connections as they have not been upgraded to IPV6. You have to change the settings in Thunderbird, actually down grade them. The standard IPV6 setting has to be turned off, which then reverts to IPV4. Below is a copy of the post from the Ask Ubuntu Help forums:

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Comcast servers will not except IPv6…. Disable it in Thunderbird:

Here’s how: in Thunderbird, goto Edit>Preferences>General Tab.

On the General screen, select “advanced” tab > “General” subtab, and in the lower right corner find the button “Config Editor” Click on it,

acknowledge the warning, and scroll a long ways down to:

network.dns.disableIPv6 (default: false)

Double-click on the line, and the value will change to “true”

Back out and Okay, shut down and restart Thunderbird, and your client will connect to the imap server in a flash.

Not to turn this post into an alien chase but, “The answers are out there if you look hard enough and use the correct phrasing”.

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