Thinking about what is important today

This is my what I think about the state of our country (USA) right now repository. I don’t know what will end up being here, but most of it won’t be scripted or crafted. Perhaps I may throw in some thoughts about the rest of the world too. That will remain out there on the horizon somewhere.

There probably won’t be a lot more here for someone looking for deep political insight or thinking. I think we have a lot that needs fixing in our country and the rest of the world too, and I do not think a vote in November changes anything of note.

We have some serious problems that need our attention. I think the years of passing it forward are over. It is time to dig our heals in the sand, take a deep breath and get serious about our country and our future as a race of mammals destroying themselves in a state of artificial wealth and prosperity. True wealth is found in the state of being human, not in things.