The Power of Free

People who know I use Craigslist to have unwanted items removed from the curbside are always in awe of how fast items disappear. Items whose real value is to the person who needs or wants them. Today was no exception.

Yesterday I started taking down a Mulberry tree and am about halfway through the process. I enjoyed the tree, but it is a female Mulberry which makes berries. Not just a few berries either.

More like a few hundred pounds of berries. People were walking by and helping themselves, but that did not make much of a dent in the inch or more of berries that covered the ground every year.

Even the birds pitch in eating as much as they can hold. The neighbors are not exactly enthused about purple bird droppings staining everything they fall on. Purple streaks on sides of houses, purple globs of seeds and such on car windows, etc, every day for a month in the late spring.

What the berries on the ground also do is provide a buffet for every roach within a mile of the tree. Well maybe not that bad, and closer than a mile, but there were more roaches in the yard at night eating mulberries than I and the neighbors prefer.

It was getting late (yesterday), and I was tired, so I stopped for the day after stacking what I had cut down. Today was Sunday, so I didn’t want to work. When I came home this afternoon, the wood was still piled up curbside waiting for a new owner. It was time for me to take action.

Power of Free

The easiest way for two strangers to be happy

I posted a curb alert on Craigslist. I posted on Craigslist under the Free section. Being almost spring weather, I was unsure if anyone would want the wood. Especially green and wet. It never hurts to try.

Forty eight minutes after posting, a truck pulls up and starts loading up the wood. I spoke with him as I helped him load. He said the ad had been posted almost an hour, and he was worried he was too late!

The power of Free and Craigslist in action. Today there are two more happy people in the world. In fact the person who took the wood will be back tomorrow for the rest of the tree. He also mentioned I could cut the wood in longer pieces than I did as he has a log splitter that can handle longer pieces. Less work for me!

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