Books and Conversation

Feel good conversation

Another recent observation I want to share with you. Perhaps you too are changing or you have observed these behaviors in others? We are modifying our social habits again and we want to be more physically present when talking to each other. Relationships via electronics are found lacking.

Live social interaction

From my microcosm of a coffee shop, I see social change happening quickly. We, go to our local coffee shop for social and personal interaction. I see people chatting, reading, studying, and a few texting and writing. The coffee shop is somewhere between a library and a party. Being at a coffee shop is both relaxing and socially fulfilling.

Books and magazines are growing in popularity

My favorite coffee hangouts are places with books and magazines. Conversations are active and topics change often. No point in my interjecting a comment on something if it is second or third hand delivery to start with. I find a magazine that interests me, and I wait until the conversation returns to a topic I may participate in. Magazines fill the dead space.

BooksBooks are becoming popular again

Books, judging by the numbers of people reading them, besides myself, books are making a comeback. I know a few hardcore read-a-holics” who use their electronic reader, but they are hardcore readers. They do not want to go any amount of time without a book to read. They prefer not to carry around a second book to read when they finish their first book.

Books are more durable than electronics

My book can fall off a table without hurting it. I flip through pages quickly to find what I am looking for. I enjoy holding a book in my hands because paper is warmer than metal. I can drop my book to the the floor from the bed without harming it. My book will dry out if I spill coffee on it. I can reread my book a month, year or decade from now.

No batteries required

I do not need batteries. Almost any light is good light to read by. I can use my electronics when I want to look up something I am reading about. I can loan out my book. Losing my book it is not a tragedy in the making. Book lights are cheap and plentiful. I can continue reading in most cases if my book light batteries run down.

Value in sharing books

Loaning and trading books is socially important. Donating books helps us feel good. Most book readers are part of social circles of people who also read the same types of books. Only a few people share electronic readers for obvious reasons.

Books are friendly

It feels good to trade books with someone else. Trading . Trading books leads to conversation. Talking about our books leads to conversation about other subjects. Some books are sexy in the right hands.