Stress Relief You Will Actually Use

I know two stress relievers so profound I try to keep them in mind throughout my day. We should repeat them several times a day, every day.

The first stress reliever may have originated in the Christian bible, possibly from Paul’s writings.

This second thought is a suggestion I learned from Burt Goldman, American Guru, in several of his videos. You can find Burt on you-tube. These two thoughts we need to add to our lives and our day starting as we wake up, during the day, and before going to sleep. They will change your life for the better!

‘I have everything I need within me to not only manage every problem in my life, but to solve every problem in my life. All I need to do is use the tools I have learned, and think before acting’.

And from Burt Goldman, ‘I am getting better and better and better every day in every way’.

…On a side note…If you haven’t heard it yet, an awesome feel good song you need to hear is: Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass. Check it out!…

These two thought help me relieve daily stress. They will help you too. Remember the mustard seed parable? The song is awesome, thank you Meghan Trainor.