Freedom from Unwanted Plastic Wrap Cling

This is a little post about Plastic Wrap. If you are like me, you end up fighting with your plastic wrap more often than you simply use it as intended. In the past if I wanted to cover or wrap something bigger than a can or glass, it meant tearing off a piece of plastic wrap, pulling it apart from itself and hoping it stays opened and apart until I wrap whatever I am wrapping.

Last week, I had this epiphany. Like all good ideas, it works wonderfully, and using Plastic Wrap is not longer another frustration in my day. The picture is not very self explanatory, but the best I can do, only having two hands.

Save yourself the headache of Plastic Wrap clinging to everything except your container.

















Here is what you do:


Find a plate or bowl as large or larger than what you are wrapping or covering.


Pull a small portion of Plastic Wrap loose from the box.

Grab the plastic wrap and the plate or bowl together and pull the plastic wrap across the surface.


Tear off once you have the size you want.

The Plastic Wrap will more or less stay attached to the clean plate or bowl, and you can simply turn your plate or bowl upside down over your food and press the Plastic Wrap down to seal or wrap your food.

The hassle of a tangled mess of Plastic Wrap is now a thing of the past!

Microwave Tea trick

Here is a quick tip for microwaved tea using tea bags, if you heat your tea cup in a microwave as I do. I use different teas who’s tea bags have different levels of liking water. Some tea bags absorb water quickly and sink right into my tea mug.

Other tea bags are still floating high and almost dry after the water is heated and the tea mug removed from the microwave. Here is a pretty low tech way to manage these testy tea bags.

Microwave tea can be Problematic when tea bags float

Microwave tea can be Problematic when tea bags float

What I do is simple when I have tea bags who would rather float on top of the water is take a finger and roll my finger against the side of the cup with the tea bag in between the glass and my finger as seen in the picture below.

Roll the Tea Bag against the side of your mug or cup, pushing the air out.

Roll the Tea Bag against the side of your mug or cup, pushing the air out.

What this does is force most of the air out of the tea bag, and forces the ta bag to absorb some water. Then as the heating process starts the tea bag is at least partially submerged and tea creation can begin.

There are a few brands of tea which are very stubborn and even rolling your finger over the tea bag against the wall of the tea mug has little effect. These teas need hotter water than other teas before they will absorb water and start to release their flavors.

Now you can relax and enjoy your tea, instead of becoming frustrated with it.