Life Arrives From Space?

I am really taken with this metal ball of life making material which was found on the surface of a high altitude balloon. I am surprised the story has not garnered more press than it has. Researchers sent up a high altitude balloon to collect dust and high altitude matter. Upon recovering one of the balloons, the scientists found what may be an out of this world surprise.

A tiny metal ball about the width of a human hair was found on one of the balloons, or so the story goes. The metal sphere hit with such force it left an impact mark which is how it was found.

Supposedly the metal sphere has little filaments on the outside and was photographed via x-ray of pushing out what is described as, “gooey biological material” from its center.

If it is from out space, how long has it traveled, how did it survive, and what it its purpose. If it were to hit someone in the eye, or arm, would it have penetrated the skin. Would we notice? Has it happened already? Can it reproduce or modify DNA?

Seeding Earth

Is this proof of space modified DNA?

I hope to learn more about this little metallic ball, and what it is all about, but it is looking doubtful. The silence about the metal ball is perplexing however. Do some of the worlds top minds have egg on there face from jumping on a life from outer space theory and have quashed the story? No one want to air their dirty laundry of course.

Conspiracy theories are out there about this metallic ball, I am sure. What this is and what it means. What I find interesting is it has garnered so little press and media attention. What could be proof of life from outer space, gets a few articles about this amazing find.

Religion has been strangely silent on the subject, or at least I have not read any commentary from a religious source. It would throw most of organized religion into turmoil if it can be proved that the little metallic ball came from anywhere other than planet earth. Perhaps an uproar would be more like it.

My guess is whatever it turns out to be is either turning into one of the closely guarded secrets of this decade, or it turned out to be something mundane.

Here is a link to one of the few articles about the little metal ball: Ball From Space