Want a Job, Willing to Travel? Rumor Control

This post should be considered Rumor Control and not factual – in fact what may be classified as fantasy follows.  I have been told this by people I normally trust, but it may not be true. This information is unverified and may not be true, so take it for what it is worth.

If you haven’t heard, a few places in the country (USA) are having an oil boom, and they need workers. If you are willing to work, and can put up with less than stellar living conditions, you can make a lot of money at one of these two places.

I have been told by a person from Minot, North Dakota, that McDonald’s is so desperate, they are willing to pay $18.00 an hour, and give you $2000.00 to work in Minot. That is over $37,000.00 a year! You have to sign a contract of course. Minot, North Dakota is not all that for most people.

I have been told this by people I normally trust, but it may not be true. This information is unverified and may no longer be true by the time you read this, so take it for what it is worth.

Midland Texas, is so desperate for workers, a 53 year old man with no work record found a job paying over $50.000 a year within three days of showing up in Midland. Midland, Texas is not all that for most people.

This is what I was told, and it may not be true. Take it for what it’s worth. Which is worth about what you hear walking down the street. I am not responsible for any action you take or do not take from reading this post.

If you are seriously considering what I wrote is true, search the net, make some phone calls, ask your family and friends, think before you act.

Putting America to work?

I thought maybe tutoring would be a good way to jump start the economy until I arrived at the bottom line. Few people spend any money on education if they can help it.Other than the taxes collected by various governments, most people do not spend much time thinking about education. Unless they are unemployed of course.

Those who are doing well and care about the financial success of their children, already have paid tutors working with their children. The rest of the people hope for the best outcome for their children’s future. Everyone who can afford a tutor for their children already have one.

As we have no excess brain pool in America, it may be time to turn focus to creating jobs the average unskilled person can actually do. The average unemployed American is essentially unskilled because when they lose their job, they have little in the way of needed skill sets to propel them into a new line of work.

Some fortunate people jobs they can support themselves and their family on. The rest end up settling for jobs that pay less than they used to make, or end up not working at all, because there is no need to work for almost nothing.

We have a pool of generally unskilled labor which needs to be put to work, both for their own well being and for the country’s well being. What can unskilled labor do for a living? Or perhaps a better question is what is unskilled labor willing to do for a living?

In some developing countries (by choice or politics) people take the place of heavy machinery. A few hundred people can replace heavy road building equipment if they have to. Hmmm, removing several hundred thousands of dollars in machinery and putting people to work could work?

Except for the people who build, maintain, and operate that heavy machinery would not be part of the manual labor pool. Americans in general are not too excited about doing manual or menial labor. If they were we would not have the illegal alien numbers in our country we have today. I think manual labor involving actual work and/or low pay is not acceptable to the average American worker.

Oregon has had people at the gas stations that pump your gas. The ‘official’ reason as I understand the situation is environmental protection. A good secondary reason is having someone pump your gas puts people to work. Perhaps we could adopt this policy in every state. Of course the price of gas would go up to cover the costs of the people manning the pumps. Most of us are price conscious and we would not support this idea either.

When I was in the Air Force, the on base grocery stores had Baggers that worked for tips. If we carried this over into the general population all we would be doing is putting people out of work as the Baggers are now employees of the store where they work.

Maid work and gardening are possibilities, but that falls into the line of paying a tutor to tutor your children. How many people can or would be willing to help someone stay financially solvent by parting with their own hard earned income.

There does not seem to be many unskilled workers needed in America other than the labor force which is already in place. No one is happy with the situation except the immigrants, some of whom are illegal, but we accept it as the way it is. Who else wants to do the type of work they are willing to do for those low wages? Not many hard working Americans, that’s for sure!