Senator Smith from Big Business Special Interests

We have many serious problems looming over us as a country. I am tired of passing off our Country’s debt to the next generation. I think the buck needs to stop and it needs to stop now. I have a whole list of problems I would like to see addressed, but this one tops my list. If we do not take action on our overspending, it will reach a point where the next generation will not be able to manage overspending.

Pick a topic or two that you feel strongly about and read along.

Is time running out?

Is time running out?

We each have our topics of concern. We feel strongly about this  problem and some of us work our way up the chain by sending email, making phone calls, personal visits, whatever is the most effective means of communication to elected officials. No matter who you email, speak to, write, or see, they all give you their word they are working as hard on this problem as they can given their limited influence. Of course if they had their way, it would be solved already.

This rhetoric goes all the way up to the President. Of course each department and political party is blaming the other. I was wondering why my elected officials sit in their House or Senate chairs or offices, and seemingly take no action whatsoever to do anything more than pay lip service.

I became more curious when a Senator went go on national television as one did today and stated (paraphrased): ….if their party were to go along with the Presidents plan or suggestion it would be a coup for the Democratic President, and might help the Democrats hoist another candidate into the presidency at the next election.

I thought about his statement. Nothing in it about how whatever he was against is harmful, not fairly thought out, carried out, or implemented. Not a word along those lines about what could be wrong with the idea in general.

Nor did this Senator say or pledge he would work hard to ensure a better plan is found, introduced, and passed. That was an important omission I thought.

In fact I did not hear anything about the Senator’s, or his parties interest in seeing any sort of legislation of the type he was against come into being at all! The only statement made was allowing the measure to be passed into law would be a coup for the President and the Democratic Party.

Think about the previous paragraphs for a few seconds and let me know if they makes you angry? I was angry after hearing it. The Senator and his Party have no interest in creating or modifying any suggested plan?

I do not know how you feel, but to me that rhetoric was spoken by a man who draws a bigger paycheck from other sources than he does from the constituents who elected him!

Is this Senator’s Capitol Hill office the Golden Egg? Did he arrive in the promised land? His paycheck collected as tax from citizens like you and me must chicken feed compared to the real money he is receiving to be so arrogant and distant. After all what could a petty paycheck be to an ocean of money offered for not taking action, or deliberately blocking legislation?

If monies from “Special Interests” makes a Senators pay check seem small, where does that leave the American People? Should we research a companies political, environmental, and social views before we buy their product?  Do we have a say in a companies financial political contributions? I think we do.

Government was created mostly for business and business interests. Unless there is about to be a nationwide riot, Government spends the least amount of money required for the general welfare of the most people. Most of our government expenses are directed at keeping, gaining, and creating new markets for American Business ventures, not for a new vacation hot spot for Americans.

From the Environment, to Interstate Highways to Airports, to our Railways, it’s all about Big Business needs and imperatives. The thought that Joe taxpayer benefits a little after paying so much is a by product.

I used to think our elected officials had our best interests in mind when they went to Capitol Hill. There they would create and pass legislation to benefit the American People. Those days are long gone. Now days anyone who even mentions helping the average American is branded as wasteful, out of touch, and maybe even un-American.

The little guy (you and me) are just another third world country with nothing worth having inside its borders except a labor force. I am tired of feeling this way. Maybe these minor party politicians are not as whacky as we are led to believe they are by the media. Perhaps they do have a clear picture of what is wrong and how to fix it? I am going to look at them closer the next election.

I am only one person and one vote. Special Interests has no real interest in my welfare. What about you and your welfare? The more I think about this, it seems that this Senator, and others like him have little interest in making America better, perhaps their focus is in only promoting their own financial agenda.


Guns, Mass Murder, and Suicide; Acceptable Fear

The question is not who kills people, the question is who kills people with what? If guns are banned, another method will be used to kill innocent strangers such as were used in the mass murder via Sarin Gas in the Japan Subway System a few years back, and Jim Jones using cyanide in Kool Aid a few years before that.

Guns are only one device used for killing people and not really that effective in accomplishing mass murder. What guns have going for them is availability and simplicity.

The bigger question we should ask ourselves about these repetitive mass murders is what is the price we are willing to pay for our right of freedom? What price is acceptable, allowing deranged people to kill other people, and the killing is tolerated because eliminating guns would further erode our already greatly reduced personal freedoms?

One the extreme side of protectionism there are people who value personal safety above all else. They would be perfectly happy allowing camera and microphone monitoring into their homes 24 x 7 if it would guarantee their safety. They eat right, exercise on a regular basis, and never do anything that would be considered a risky behavior by an average adult.

On the other side, we have Gang Bangers, Red Letter Motorcycle Clubs, Drug Dealers, Prostitutes,  and Extreme Sports risk takers. Their values are quite different than the first group, and personal safety is not their highest priority. Most of the people in this group with the exception of extreme sports people, will use violent behavior to protect their way of life. Lifestyle of freedom reigns supreme and will be protected over an individual or group.

Which group would we identify with, when our personal safety is at risk? Do we want to be safe. Do we want to live without fear. What price are we willing to pay? Is our personal safety worth everything or is complete freedom worth more?

Is taking away freedom to provide more safety the right thing to do? Is it correct to legislate which weapons are acceptable in America and which weapons are not? To a large extent this is already been decided. The average American does not legally own any weapon outside what would be considered a hunting or sporting weapon. I do not own legally or otherwise any weaponry typically associated with the military in a war type environment.

Everyday we pay other people to take total control their daily life. Individuals and businesses take over our individual safety needs. Our insurance agents, Bus and Taxi Cab Drivers, the local Police and Fire Department, our Doctor. They all take charge of our personal health and welfare. Our children are taken care of by their Teachers, and School Bus Drivers. Maybe a Family Member, Sitter, or Day Care Center takes responsibility for our children’s safety after school and before us.

Up until a century ago, it a given that an individual living on one end of America could not pack up a few belongings, and travel across country without facing a large amount of personal risk. This is still true today if one chose to hitch their way meandering across the country. It is not a normal part of a safe life style to wander about in any inner city. Travel into some other countries, and one is likely to disappear without a trace.

There is no answer to the mass killings we see today except to compare them to almost any time and anywhere before the 1900’s. A time when one undertook great personal risk to travel too far away from home. Far being as little as a few miles in some circumstances. In those days public protection afforded strangers today did not exist as we know it today.

More regulation or more gun control will not make us safer. Nor will restricting certain types of weapons, and sizes of ammunition clips. Safety can only be legislated so far. After that it is up to us individually. At present, the only thing that will halt mass murder in America is time.

Eventually we will be sickened by people being murdered to change our cultural mores, ethics, and thinking. We should not feel the need to have one or more assault rifles next to our bedside, and pistols under our pillows. We will not need the false comfort of having multiple weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition about us. We will as a people grow tired of living in fear, and start living in life instead.

America is entrenched in groundless fear of fear itself. We are drenched in fear daily by the media, and indirectly by our own government. We fear our neighbors. We fear teen age boys who dress and act differently than we think they should. We fear strangers. We fear anyone who is not us. We fear murky, unnamed heads of unnamed states trying to impose their way of life on us by force. We fear those things we can not see. We fear the stranger in the black car, or the brown van. We fear dogs.

We fear the boogie man. We fear the Devil. We fear ourselves. Until we decide to tame and manage our totally irrational fear, mass killings and suicides will be a part of the network news. We live in the most peaceful and safe time the world has seen in our known history, and we still choose to cling to fear.

What for? Are we happier living in fear? Is fear the control method of our modern life? Do you enjoy being afraid?