Green Smoothie Creation Help

Make your Green Smoothies at least two hours after you have last eaten, and do not eat anything else for about an hour afterward. This is a firm rule. The purpose is to let your stomach digest the Green Smoothie before you put anything else into it.

Here is a simple recipe to follow:

1 or more fruits, not to exceed 60% of the Green Smoothie. The other 40 – 50% (not more) is made of vegetables listed below. The rest is water. I added salt and pepper at first, but stopped after the first week as I lost my taste for salt.

Fresh greens and fruits are best. They have the most nutrients. Second choice is frozen. Canned fruits have too much downside from what I read.

Fruit you can use for your Green Smoothie:






Orange – I am on the fence about oranges. As a note, citrus and non citrus fruit do not mix well together in a smoothie.






Any other fruit you may like

Any leafy green cruciferous vegetable (as of this posting my opinions are added after some:

Kale (strong tasting at first)

Spinach – Good

Broccoli – Good

Romaine lettuce – Not iceberg, butter, or other salad lettuce, they have little nutrition

Red lettuce

Dandelion greens

Arugula (also called arrow greens or something like that)

Bok Choy (haven’t tried yet)

Swiss Chard  (haven’t tried yet)

Beet Greens – Good

Collard Greens (haven’t tried yet)

Carrot Tops (haven’t tried yet)

Celery (Strong tasting). Add a small piece in a Green Smoothie as an adder to the main vegetable. Otherwise it may be overpowering.

Parsley (use very little, only for taste)

Mustard Greens – Taste like horseradish and hot chili with some chemical added to me

You can add peeled cucumber if you want, I like the flavor sometimes.

No root vegetables except maybe 1/2 carrot per smoothie. Kale, Spinach, and Broccoli are the Queens of nutrition. That’s why I haven’t explored further yet. Root vegetables (carrot, beet, potato, etc) and squash are lower in nutrients and high in carbs, so they are not good a choice for Green Smoothies.

Also, dairy is not really recommended for Green Smoothies. I understand you may have gas so bad, you won’t be able to stand yourself. Even though a lot of smoothie recipes on the web add yogurt or milk, you may not like the effects. Also greens have more than enough calcium by themselves.

Four ounces of Broccoli has more protein than four ounces of steak. Another way of looking at is per calorie broccoli has more nutrition than beef.

Here is what you do to make a Green Smoothie:

1. Cut the green leaf vegetables and (carrot if you add some) into blender size pieces and place them in the blender. Add ice if you want it colder, and a little water. Ice also helps greens blend smaller. Turn your blender on Puree or whatever is your highest speed and it can handle it. You may need to pre chop larger pieces into smaller sizes.

When you get the mixture right, it will be thick green sludge of pureed vegetable. Not really that appetizing yet, but it will make you drool in a couple of weeks I bet!

2. Add at least 1/2 banana. Now add your fruit. If it is a dry fruit like banana you will need to add more water. If it is apple or other wet fruit, you may not need to. All you want to do now is mix it together and make it fairly smooth. A few bits of fruit are won’t be as bad as a few bigger bits of vegetable.

3. Practice until you end up with between 24 to 32 ounces of Green Smoothie. When you do, you have the proportions right. You should drink all of it in 15 – 20 minutes. There is a lot of fiber to help you feel full longer.

Green Smoothie Expectations

I read of weight loss of over a pound a day by some people who went on a Green Smoothie only diet. Other people dropped twenty or so pounds over some months. I started drinking one Green Smoothie every work night in place of dinner and I lost over sixteen pounds in three weeks.

I walk ten miles or more a week for a long time now, and I joined a gym about the time I started drinking Green Smoothies. I know from past experience the gym doesn’t do a lot for weight loss by itself. So for me it is Green Smoothies in place of dinner that have the dramatic effect on my weight. I woke up hungry at night for the first two weeks, but after that I became used to it and now sleep almost all night.

There is a Doctor named Joel Fuhrman who wrote a book named, Eat To Live. Dr. Fuhrman wrote when you eat lots of Greens (nutrient rich vegetables such as in a Green Smoothie), once you reach your ideal weight, your weight loss will stop unless you are eating too many carbs or proteins.

Your experience will probably be somewhere in between the two extremes.

Watch each type of greens and how they make you feel. I made a kale smoothie one night, and it felt like I drank three cups of coffee. I didn’t think I was going to be able to sleep that night. Spinach and Beet Greens for me are good, though Broccoli feels better. Too many days of Broccoli and I start burping Broccoli, not sure why.

The first time I had a Green Smoothie, my stomach gurgled (sort of). Not sure what that is all about, but it has happened twice. The first smoothie and a second time after I went three days without a Green Smoothie.

As you continue drinking Green Smoothies, you may find you do not look forward to drinking one. When this happens it is time to rotate your greens. Search the web for rotating Greens and you should find enough sources to help you rotate your greens properly.

Green Smoothie Questionnaire

These are some questions to help you determine what benefits you are getting from Green Smoothies. Copy these questions off to a text file for your use. Add a date at the top so you know the starting date. Answer these before your first Green Smoothie, and then add a new line in each question as you answer the questions again weekly. Add your new entry under your old one. After a month or so of Green Smoothies you will have a pretty good understanding of how Green Smoothies are helping you get healthy. If there is anything not covered in a question feel free to add it in at the bottom of the questions. Leave a comment for this post for others who may want to add it to their question list.

1. How you feel about your health?

2. How do you feel emotionally?

3. Do your feet hurt?

4. Do your legs hurt?

5. Do your hands or arms hurt?

6. Do any of your joints hurt?

7. Do your shoulders, neck or spine hurt?

8. Do you have recurring pain that either won’t go away or comes and goes?

9. How do you rate your energy level compared to the average person your age?

10. Do you feel like you are sleeping well?

11. How high are the white moons on your fingers?

12. Do you have any sores that are not healing as fast as they should be?

13. Do you have any recent skin discoloration?

14. Do you feel like you are losing your Strength.

15. Do you feel like having sex?

16. Do you have any recurring illnesses that seem to happen to frequently, i.e., colds, run down feeling, etc?

17. When you think about food, what food(s) do you want to eat?

18. How many raw vegetables and fruits do you eat each day?

19. What is your favorite meal?

20. What is your favorite meat?

21. Do you prefer vegetables, bread, rice, or potatoes, or meat when you eat?

22. When you feel hungry, do you feel hungry for something specific?

23. Do you get cravings for junk food?

24. Do you get cravings for other foods?

25. What drink makes up most of your liquid intake?

26. What drink is number two of your liquid intake?

27. How dry is your skin?

28. How translucent is your skin

29. What do you think of your complexion compared to when you in your teens?

30. How does the thought of exercise, house cleaning, or other physical activity make you feel?

31. Do you feel you have enough energy to do all that needs to be done in a day?

32. How does your mouth taste when you wake in the morning?

33. Do your gums feel firm and healthy?

34. When you think of vegetables, what vegetable(s) do you think of?

35. Are you losing weight?

Getting Started with Green Smoothies

The next posts four or so posts in the “smoothies” section of my blog are what I have learned about Green Smoothies and wrote out for family members. A few family members for different reasons wanted to try Green Smoothies themselves. As often happens in families, I am the closest thing there is to a Green Smoothie family expert.

This information is readily available on the net on Green Smoothie web sites. All I have done is written out what I remember. If you want the correct and more detailed information about Green Smoothies please read the superior content on the many dedicated Green Smoothie websites.

The content contained in the next posts are written from my memory. Some of the information is what works for me. Other information is what I remember reading. The content of the next posts is valid as far memory goes. If you choose to use any of the information in the following posts remember the information may be wrong so you are using it at your own risk.

With that said, I hope the following posts can get you going in the right direction. Green Smoothies are the most nutritious meal you may ever eat, or drink. My thanks to the Green Smoothie sites I keep referring back to for more information and ideas.

You can find out more about Green Smoothies by doing a web search for: Green Smoothies. Enjoy

Green Smoothie 30 Day Review

I am through my fourth week and entering my fifth week of Green Smoothies. What a world of difference in how I feel, and how I look. I followed up on a lot of what I read about Green Smoothies, both web based and paper based sources. Everything published in the books I have read seems to be true. The Web for the most part is true, but some sites tend to push the boundaries a little.

I have three family members drinking Green Smoothies too, as sort of a check on my observations of me. Two are experiencing  weight loss without a lot of effort. I went three days this week without a Green Smoothie. I started getting serious cravings for Green Smoothies. When my body didn’t get it, cravings for food in general started to occur. I am drinking a Green Smoothie as I type this, and the first glass of Green Smoothie has quieted the cravings.

One a side note, I had not eaten since last night. I joined someone for lunch today. Since it was breakfast for me, I had corned beef hash, eggs, and hash browns. It used to be one of my favorite meals. Today however I ate, but really wanted a Green Smoothie instead.

I was at a book store today, and a young couple was looking for a diet book on Smoothies. I told them about the book I have, Green For Life, and how good of a book it is. They started looking for it, and I mentioned that after a few weeks of Green Smoothies they would not willingly want to eat [most] Fast Food again. I could see almost fear cross their face, and they thanked me, and decided they had to leave the book store at that moment.

I find it amusing that we are so conditioned to eat meat that the idea of eating vegetables is foreign to us. I never realized how conditioned I am by the media, until instances such as a diet change to incorporate Green Smoothies enters my life. Suddenly, I have to overcome a disconcerting feeling of odd and strange as I was one of those people who thought people who primarily subsist on a vegetable diet are a little touched and certainly not healthy.

I do not think I will ever become a full fledged vegetarian, I am too old and too far gone for that, but perhaps the future will reveal a different truth. For the present though, I am satisfied that my nutritional needs are met, and most exceeded by the powerhouse drink called Green Smoothie. If I find a way to dedicate more time to eating, perhaps then I would give up meat completely.

I can say, I am more aware of ever of the thousands of animals killed daily, and the thousands of pounds of meat thrown away daily and its a real shame. I try to be mindful of my food and the fact that it died so I can have food to eat although sometimes I find myself throwing out meat, that sat in the fridge too long.

I find it personally shameful when I have to throw away meat knowing that an animal died and I wasted their flesh. Not to be taken out of context, I am not a PETA member hiding in disguise, but I prefer not to waste meat from an animal that perhaps would not have been butchered if I was more mindful. This subject of meat rages across our world every day, so take what I wrote for what it is.

On a side note, having lived in the proximity of feeding pens, I know a Cow’s last days are not all they could be. I think the way they are kept is deplorable. I think if most people saw the conditions of the feed yards, they would gladly pay a little more a pound for their beef. I think the same applies to all meats we consume. I wish there were a better way. Being mindful of the meat we  waste each day, either throwing out spoiled meat we didn’t eat, letting cooked meat get old, or my favorite pet peeve, wasting meat in a buffet. Stopping these behaviors are ways to be more mindful of a meat animals welfare.

Green Smoothies have made me feel better, period. It is not a carnivore verses vegetarian issue, or a health nut in the making story. The plain truth is I doubt the average Doctor’s ability and motivation to ensure I am in the best possible health. I am primarily an income source to my doctor. If I don’t need him, he loses money. Not to say Doctors do not care about their patients, but HMO’s in particular are out to make a profit, not free patients from a Doctors care.

I am hopefully going to retire some day, and I would rather spend my retirement on enjoying life, and not sick or in a nursing home waiting to die, wishing I was dead. I have worked too long and too hard. I want to reap any rewards waiting for me from what will be over five decades of working. Why should a Doctor nursing home take the monies I spent all my life working for when a simple diet change takes care of most health issues?

Green Smoothies are not the end all, be all. Green Smoothies are for me at least the biggest thing to come down the health and nutrition pipeline in many years. Who would have thought that a fruit and a few green vegetable leaves could make me feel so healthy, happy, and feeling so good?

I am compelled because a small part of me is not cynical of Green Smoothies to write, Green Smoothies are the most important change I have made to better my health ever! I do not know how to say it stronger than that.

Green Smoothies is a lifestyle commitment to better your own heath. You also need a blender. All it takes after these two changes is a blender and five minutes. Everyone should be able to improve their health and feel better. Eating healthier is not bad for you. Eating more vegetables is not bad for you. Taking better care of yourself is not bad for you. Eating too much of the wrong foods will kill you. What is more fun, eating right or dying early?