American Beefcake

I watched a Lion pride documentary that was quite interesting. A small group of three Lions infringed on the hunting grounds of the Kushna(?) Pride Lions. After the second infringement, two of the local prides male lions decided the offenders needed to be taught a lesson. They chased down the invading lions, one young male and a two female lions.

One of the local male Lions raped one of the female lions. The second male lion’s action towards the offending young male lion was much more severe and disturbing. The second local male lion ran down the young male infringing lion. They started to fight, but the younger lion realized it was over powered by the much larger and experienced male lion.

If the young male lion tried to fight he would be killed by the much larger and stronger male lion. He had no choice or relinquish his bid at equality and submit to the male lion which he did. He laid down and offered no resistance to the attacking male lion.

It wasn’t obvious to me at least, but the larger male Lion did much more than show off his dominance over the younger male lion by prancing around and biting the younger lion. The older male while showing off his dominance, performed a lion version of castration on the young lion.

These two possibly disparate actions were both taken by two male lions at separate times. One male lion a rapist, the second lion performing a cruel castration. There can be no doubt these acts were not random for this pride of lions at least.

I mention these acts by the two male lions to make the point that animals, like humans think and make choices. This brings me to the meat, no pun intended of this post about Beef, Pork and Poultry. Along with the fact there are too many people who are homophobic.

Sexual preference is not contagious

Sexual preference is not contagious

People who think that gay related conversation, close proximity to a gay person(s), or social interaction with a gay person, will infect them with the much feared Gay Virus, which unlike the flu, is not recoverable from. Homophobe’s fear they will themselves become Gay. There over reaction in the presence of gay men and women is similar that of the two male lions.

Many dog owners know, some dogs are not fussy about their sexual preferences. Owners legs, anyone’s leg, inanimate objects, and of course other male dogs are fair game for sex with some dogs.

The same is true of horses, cattle, and other domesticated animals. Which brings me back to people who are Homophobic. If being in the vicinity of gay people makes a grown man quiver with fear of contamination, how much worse is it to be eating meat of an animal that may have been same sex oriented while it was alive?

Eating meat like beef and pork is our way of replenishing and rebuilding our body. The muscle of animals is converted into muscle and tissue in our body. Science supports this conversion. The technology exists to take a sample of muscle tissue from our body and identify its source, beef chicken or pork.

If you are homophobic, this should make you quite nervous. Do you really want to have gay animal muscle tissue part of your body? I mean think about it. Gay animal tissue replacing your old worn out, homophobic muscle tissue. Kind of scary isn’t it? If you are concerned about being exposed to the “Gay Virus”.

For anyone so homophobic that being in the vicinity of a LBGT could contaminate you to the point where you lose your Macho Male Self and start taking on LBGT traits, how much worse is it having your body use building blocks from a LBGT animal to replace and restore muscle and other tissue in your own body?

You may already be unknowingly contaminated. Food choices has made you fearful you may be hiding in the closet. Perhaps the years of meat consumption are overwhelming you with LBGT feelings that are not your own?  How about a nice big Steak or Pork Chop to calm down? How about a nice piece of fried Chicken?

To be more serious, Homophobia is rampant. It is also as false as the idea of eating gay meat will make you gay. If you are one of the Homophobes scarred for your sexual identity, it is time to either grow up or get help. Becoming a vegetarian couldn’t hurt either.