Faster and Simpler Sink Cleaning

Just a quick note about how to clean and rinse your kitchen and bathroom sinks easier and faster. If you are like many people and do not have a sprayer on your sink, you probably get the sides of your sink wet the standard way, pouring water from a cup or pan.

This needs to be done at the beginning such as the sink in the example, and again when done cleaning. Water needs to be used as a rinse, carrying dirt and gunk down the drain.

If you look closely at the picture you will see a method of risning totally different which you may want to try. I am holding a spoon and using the spoon to direct the water where I want it to go.

Simple Sink Rinsing

Simple way to rinse your sink

Change the spoons direction, and change where the water flow. Lift the spoon higher, and wet or rinse the highest areas of your sink. While using a spoon won’t save on elbow grease, using a spoon speeds up the clean and rinse process.