Does Cup Size Matter?

Every Fast Food Chain I am aware of bundles meals as combo meals. You get main entre, fries, and large soda for so many dollars and cents.

At places that do not sell sandwiches, ordering combo meals you are offered chicken, fish, taco’s, etc, fries, and a soda. Not a bad deal and usually cheaper than ordering ala carte.

Unless you are not a big soda drinker. As I am. When most of a small soda is all I want a large soda cup seems like a waste, not to mention it is bigger to hold. Here is what happens more often than not when I eat a combo meal. I see a meal I want and add up the prices with a small soda instead of the default size soda. The combo of course is generally less expensive.

Not your way, not today

Not your way, not today

The conversation generally goes something like this:

“I would like one number X please.”

“Okay, that is one number X, an entre, fries, and a large soda.”

“Yes, that is correct. I would be happy with a small soda cup as I do not drink much soda.”

“You want a number X combo plus a small soda?”

“No, I would like a number X combo, but I would like to substitue a small soda cup instead of a large soda.”

This makes perfect sense to me. A large cup is a waste as I never fill a large soda cup even half full. This also seems to make sense for the business. Smaller cup = less soda = less money spent on a cup and soda. More profit for the business. Feels like a win, win….

“Sir, the combo only comes with a large soda”

“I understand that, but a small soda cup is all I want in place of a large soda cup. I do not drink much soda so a small cup is fine.”

“I would have to charge you more because you would not be ordering the combo. It would be more expensive”

“Okay, I understand, a large cup is fine.”

Not sure this is an inventory issue, giving away small cups and upsetting the bean count. It may be the store manager refusing to allow any deviation from the menu. Or it may be something totally different. I find it plain old annoying.

In McDonald’s defense.

In McDonald’s defense. McDonald’s has taken literally decades of attacks on their menu offerings. I too have been critical of McDonald’s menu choices. Most of meals McDonald’s offers are overwhelmed with fat, sugar, and salt. As an observation, there is never a lack of people wanting to eat meals from McDonald’s most of the hours of the day and night.

Recently, I read articles from hopefully trusted sources about the nature of McDonalds employee communications. McDonalds in an attempt to help their employees  stretch their dollar as far as possible, is now offering advice on how to live and what to eat. Even going so far as suggesting a paid McDonalds meal is not in their best financial or health interest.

McDonalds has been overly criticized for providing this information to their workers. I say good for McDonalds! McDonalds should be applauded for being realistic about what reasonable expectations are for its employees away from work. What other big business besides the military makes it clear that their bottom of the pay scale employees should not think they hold a job that will meet their financial needs.

McDonalds is glaringly truthful about employment with McDonalds, and the lifestyle McDonalds employment may and may not provide. Every current and prospective McDonalds employee needs to understand McDonalds position. For the most part McDonalds jobs are entry level jobs, and not a career path. McDonalds has always been obvious about this point.

Paycheck based economic reality is essential to any workforce. If any McDonalds employee is offended by the information provided, perhaps it is time to do a reality check on their spending habits? If anyone else is offended by what McDonalds provided to help their employees make ends meet, perhaps they also should be realistic about this sector of the economy.

McDonalds became the fast food giant they are by being realistic. Almost daily I drive by at least one McDonalds with five or more cars in the drive through. Two of these locations have a grocery store within sight of the drive through. When seen in this perspective, who is being more realistic about what McDonalds provides, McDonalds the company, or employees and customers?