When is it an attempt to steal?

There is an article over on the Verge, about how person tried to take advantage of Amazon.com, when Amazon made a major price mistake on a product, changing the price from ~ $200.00 to ~ $60.00, and was rewarded with $20.00 for their trouble.

Here is a quote from the article:

“Like any other person who inhales the internet like life-giving oxygen, I saw news of this mistake immediately and took advantage of it within moments, receiving an order confirmation before Amazon made its fix.”

Here is one of the responses, which is fairly typical of all the responses that were not arguing about the legalities of Amazon refusing to make good on their advertised price.

“One time a guy revealed the Ralph Lauren employee discount code and I got quality underwear for less. I felt like a criminal and was so relieved when they honored it.”

Do Morals bottom out?

Do Morals bottom out?

I am not sure where these people keep their morals. Where do they draw the line?

Where does the morals gondola stop? Is it okay we pay extra for people who have no qualms about taking advantage of a situation because a company is faceless? What about doing this to friends or family?

Would you try to take advantage of a company mistake? How about a friends mistake where money is at issue?