Enjoy Life More, Weigh Less, Get Happy

I was reminded of something I used to know, which I had forgotten. What I was reminded of is, “Put the Bags Down”. Many of us without realizing it do what is called stamp collecting. The stamps we collect are little slights, inconveniences, small problems we can not immediately solve such as frustrations, boredom, and other nitty irritants that get in the way of our otherwise perfect moment of our perfect day.

We wear over our clothes an old shirt. On that old shirt without being aware of it, we put little sticky notes of whatever little incidents occur in our day to remind ourselves, lest we forget, of how things are not going our way at the moment.

My biggest series of stamps are about back ache. My back went into spasms a few years ago. (I would not recommend back spasms as a good way to spend a month or six.) From time to time, my back feels worn out, on the verge of aching. I have without realizing been saving these sore back stamps over the last few years. Pulling them out when I felt the need to feel sorry for myself.

Last week, I was watching a short video about putting the bags down. ‘Bags’ being life’s little problems. I was guilty of wearing that old shirt with my collection of sticky notes of back aches interfering with my day. Also as my focus was being distorted, I would occasionally add another sticky note about something I found irritating in the moment as my back hurt.

Halfway through the video, I  decided to take off my old sticky note covered shirt, and place it in a bag and put it out in the trash bin. Holding on to past problems does not allow one live in the present moment. Old problems hinder and hamper the good of the moment as are when live in the present.

We have lived our past, and we are able to some extent shape our future. It is living in the moment which is most important. The present moment is where good and not so good things happen. By not living in the moment, and wearing our old shirt with the sticky notes on it, we miss the good things that are going on in our life, and instead look for reasons to add another note to our shirt.

Spend your time in the present moment, enjoying all the goodness that is present and around us. Bad things will happen of course. Bad things balance our life and help us see all the goodness we enjoy each day. Keeping track of problems and focusing on them makes us lose sight of the present and the good things that are happening in the moment.

So what things should be thrown away? The list is long, but it can be done throwing away a few items at a time. Hate, anger, jealousy, envy, are a few of the things you should not carry around with you.

Thoughts about your looks or personality can capture a lot of sticky notes. Who cares if you are fat, skinny, have a big nose, a poor smile, big hands, or small feet. These things make difference to how you experience happiness in your life. Is your birthday any less special because you are different? Does a sunny day, or good meal with friends or family taste any different?

Be happy in who you are and let go of the baggage you are carrying around about yourself. A swimming pool, lake or ocean does not care if you entered the water in a sweat suit or a string bikini. Just give it all up and start living your life for the good things in it. Anything in your life that is keeping you out of the moment is something you should put in the bag.

Sometimes these emotions find there way back. They sort of sneak back into your life when you are not paying attention. If this happens to you, just bag ’em up again, and throw them away. After a few times they won’t be able to sneak back into your life.

Join me and remove that old shirt covered with sticky notes and old stamps which are records of your lives problems and frustrations. Place that old shirt in the trash. What is done is done.

Saving sour and sad reminders of our past to replay over and over, takes us to a place where we spend our time validating past issues and more importantly allowing them to manifest again in the present moment. Life is lived in the moment. Life is not much fun, when it passes you by because you are wallowing in the past.