Where Have All the Real Blogs Gone?

This is a rant about what passes for Blogs these days. I don’t know about you, but I am really disappointed in almost all the Blogs I try to read.

Blogs were created as a platform where a single author could write about his or her passion in life. Whether that passion was brewing what the author thinks is the best beer ever created by God or man, to writing about their dog and best Buddie Rex.

Perhaps someone wanted to write about the wonders of Linux, which I am rather fond of. Or maybe Bee Keeping, or making paper mache baskets and bowls from discarded office paper. Whatever the topic was, people enjoyed writing about their favorite subject, maybe even themselves.

How about trying to read about some trending trigger subjects these days? There will be several newly created, monetized blogs out there for you to read. Slick and pretty and advertising packed.  Can you even get through one paragraph before you are interrupted with a pop up window wanting you to register? All you need is provide your name and an email.

Then you could be alerted to new posts of which you may have an interest. That was a great idea! You no longer had to visit the blog itself to see whats new and may be of interest to you. You could wait for the email.

Some Blogs became popular and had any number of readers. Then came along marketing and the business world. Hey, did you know you can use your Blog to make money? Off to the races both Blogs and Bloggers went.

Passions became what the Internet wanted. Want to read about relationships and dating? We have it. Hope you don’t mind an advertisement in your face every ten seconds which needs to be clicked away. Trying to pay the bills you know.

Real Blogs are hard to find these days. They are relegated to the backwaters of the Internet. Most real Blogs are not making any money. If a real Blog doesn’t make money, it’s of little use to the machinery of the Internet. Like this artwork some street artist created for our pleasure, it was not seen by enough people to become important.

Is it worth less if it is free?

Free Street Art. Free and Internet rarely are seen in the same sentence.

That machinery starts with your favorite search engine. Look up a blog on any subject, and you will be sick of advertisements before you hit on a blog with no advertising. The Internet runs on money. If you don’t make money for someone and yourself, the Internet machinery doesn’t really care.

Good writing is such a rare thing these days. Many of us are into funny or striking pictures followed up by or including a thirty second read. Sometime this is all that needs to be done. Other times it is done to capture a market share. We readers forget a person on the other end took the time to write something that is important to them in some way or another.

This isn’t just my rant. This is an all inclusive rant of good people who have a message they want to get out to the world. The thing is, they can’t get their message out unless they become gloss and glitter and spend a lot of money monetizing their Blog. Even then they probably won’t make it.

If Bloggers choose not to generate income for the machine, they almost perish, sent to backwaters of the Internet when what they have to say is stumbled upon by accident. This is a shame, really.

I enjoy reading real posts by real people who have something they feel is important enough to share with the world. People who misspell words, have run on sentences, beat the horse to death. People who care about you, the Reader!