New Sheriff in Town

I think the website OSnews isĀ  fishing for comments or missed the mark completely on this article. The article makes a point that a 2003 post which states if Linux is to dominate the world of computers Linux needs to have one and only one desktop.

While the thought has some merit, it has too many fallacies to be treated as anything but noise. Anyone care to drive one specific model of car, sleep in the same brand name bed, eat the same meals as the rest of the world? I think not.

We live in a world filled with choices. Linux is one of the best OS choices for many. Some Linux users obviously feel it is important that Linux as an Operating System rule the world, and dominate Microsoft and Apple. For myself, I need to use all three Operating Systems, and as far as I can see into the future, no single OS has an edge on the other.

NewSheriffinTownI would think we (as in the whole world) have had enough of world domination attempts to know they do not work, and why they are not good for all people. Linux, Microsoft, and Apple are no exception to this idea of domination.. If Linux were to become the worlds OS of choice, Linux would be seen as another Microsoft or Apple, only worse, and a new OS would rise from the trenches and become the favorite of those who are able to make their own choices.

As for OSnews, I hope they achieved their objective, whatever it is.

Your Linux Desktop Choice

There is such a wide choice in Linux Desktops one has a difficult time deciding which desktop is the right desktop? Search engines are my friend, I open up my browser and do a search for Linux Desktop.

The search result is more than I expected. There are more Desktops than would fit in ten articles. Being the literate computer user I am, I narrow my search and find some interesting comparisons.

It seems that the correct Linux Desktop for me is not how I prefer to do things. What? Exactly the best Linux Desktop for me as recommended by several experts is defined by the age of my computer.

If I own a new computer, I should be using Unity, Gnome, Cinnamon, KDE of course, and maybe XFCE.

If my computer is older, as in three years old or more, I should think about using: LXDE, LXQT, Mate, Openbox, LXLE. If my computer is ancient, I should think about using, Open Box or rat poison which does not use a mouse.

This advice is all a little slanted. Of course if your computer is older, you may not enjoy for a high graphic desktop like KDE to go through the motions of loading your menu. But that is common sense, not written in stone rules of computing in Linux.

What if you have a new computer and you are mouse adverse for any number of reasons? Should you get rid of your new computer by putting it in a closet until it is an old computer. Buy an old computer that is memory and graphics challenged to install Rat Poison desktop on?

Of course not. Linux is about choice, not about the age of your computer. If you enjoy high quality graphics, like dressing up your desktop, and clicking through more programs than you may possibly use, go with a desktop built for this purpose.

If you mainly compute through your web browser or office suite, you may not care for a lot bling on your desktop. Perhaps XFCE or Openbox better suites how you relate to your desktop.

Arriving at a place where your computer works the way you want it to and not the way a web article tells you it should is where you really want to be. From glitz to practical, to minimal, don’t be fooled into a desktop that does not work for you.

Linux is for the most part Linux. There are not several authors putting out their own versions of a program. Take time to be a little selective. You do not always need a repository with 20,000 plus programs. Possibly the default choices work just fine.