Chicken Manure and Fresh Eggs Too

In the process of collecting compost manures for this years attempt at gardening, I came across an ad for chicken manure. I called and a man named Mike answered the phone. Since I am a Mike too, I mentioned this fact, saying we are Taquio (we share the same name) as an introduction ice breaker.

Mike said yes, he had a lot of chicken manure, ranging from still in the chicken coop to well aged. Mike was selling his chicken manure by the bucket. That is a good way to sell chicken manure, as a little goes a long way.

I asked when was a good time to get some chicken manure and how to get to his place. Mike said now, gave me directions, and it was a reasonable distance, so I told Mike I was on my way.

As soon as I saw Mike, I knew I would like him. Mike had that, life is good, keep it simple look about him. We both smiled as I drove up and parked. Mike showed me his manure pile, and I noticed Mike will need to sell a large number of buckets of chicken manure. We made some small talk which is always enjoyable.

Mike said what motivated him to post an ad was the spring weather, and the fact he needed to clean out his coop of even more chicken manure. I had my gloves in hand, and pointed out to Mike, we wear the same gloves. Mike’s were two colors, so one glove had seen better days and was replaced. But we had the same brand and style of glove.

I asked Mike if he had enough eggs to sell a dozen. Mike said of course, and told me what the price would be. If you have never had fresh eggs, you are missing out on a real treat. Fresh eggs taste like eggs should, and not something that looks like an egg, and tastes pretty bland. Give them a try if you can find a seller near you.

Four different breeds of chicken eggs in one carton.

Four different breeds of chicken eggs in one carton.

I loaded my two buckets of chicken manure, and Mike came back from wherever he was at. We started talking again as I paid him for his chickens work. Mike asked if I wanted to see his chickens. Of course I did.

Mike pointed out an ancient hen he has, thirteen years old and still going strong. That is Guinness book of records territory I mentioned. Mike has a mix of chickens, some white Leg Horns, Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rock, and Barred Plymouth. Mike also has about thirty more chicks about five weeks old.

Which brings me to the picture of the eggs. All chicken eggs are not created equal. Mike pointed out which eggs were from which breed of chicken. I have forgotten which are which except for the Rhode Island Red eggs. As you can see, when you have many breeds of chickens, you have variety.