Homeless Economics

In the post, below, is a picture is a Homeless Person (questionable) standing under a sign which was placed explicitly for homeless people to get help through various city programs. The program is intended to get Homeless People off the street and connect them to needed services. Unfortunately Homelessness has become a job in itself.

Begging pays better than working for many people.

On the Albuquerque, New Mexico, 311 website are listed the top ten reasons people are calling 311. Being homeless and asking for help is not one of the top ten.Albuquerque BioPark and Bicycling are numbers one and two.

Here are the Homeless Services offered on the city of Albuquerque 311 Web Page:

There’s a Better Way


View information about the program “There’s a Better Way.”

Want to Help?

Donations to the program help the issue of panhandling in Albuquerque.

The There’s a Better Way campaign gives panhandlers a chance at a change in life and provides caring members of our community with a better way to donate their money.

About ‘There’s a Better Way’

Begun in 2015, Albuquerque’s innovative “There’s a Better

Way” program addresses four main needs:

1. Give people dignity in work
2. Connect individuals with services
3. Collective Impact to end panhandling
4. Help the Community to understand “There’s a Better Way”

The plan is robust, and is of course intended to get Homeless People off the street and connect them to needed services. Interestingly enough, the BioPark, and Animal Noise Complaints are the most requested services from the 311 program.

The 311 program has a major economic fault that plagues state Welfare Services across the country. Homeless People are making more money standing on the street corner with a sign than they would working. This same problem applies to Welfare Services of many states. It is easier and more profitable to remain on Welfare than it is to get a job.

The sad economic reality is, many of the homeless people standing on the street corners, are not starving, stuck, or needy. For many, standing on the corner begging, pays better than joining the community and becoming a productive member of the community. Giving through charity is commendable. Giving money to people on the street corner who have no interest in becoming a working member of the community is something else completely.

Bad Day Begging

I stopped at the store tonight after work to get some groceries we were running low on. I wish it were the steak I was buying, but that was last summer. There was young man maybe 25 years old leaning on the trunk of his car next to where I parked.

I am out of my truck, in front of his car, he is standing on the side between his car and the next one down. Here comes the pitch…

Mooching off Society

Don’t you get tired of professional beggars?

Young Man, “Hey Mister?” He steps out.

Me, “Yeh”

Young Man, “Do you have any money you can spare”

Me, “Look at your t-shirt, mine is three years old, yours looks pretty new? Look at your pants, they are in good shape too.

See my pants down here (pointing) where they are frayed at the heels? If I take my belt off, my pants will fall down because they don’t fit me any more.

Your shoes look fairly new, less than three months old I am guessing? My shoes are three years old now, and they make my feet hurt. See where the black color has worn off the seams, and the white leather shows through?

Look at your car, I think it is a mid-nineties model? See my truck? It has been hit a few times. Not worth too much. It’s a ’98.

So, how much money have you been given so far? I think you should share with me? It looks like I need it more than you. Everything you have here, is better than mine. Yet your begging me for money?”

Young Man, “Aw, F* you!”

He walks to the door of his car and gets in. When I come out about fifteen minutes later he is gone, or at least not parked next to me.