Sports and Porn, Best Actor Awards?

As someone who is watches sports on a casual level, I am always surprised at the players. Whether I watch the FIFA games, NBA finals, or MLB, there is always a show being put on. I never envied the referees and umpires. Not that the referees and umpires are being over tasked, but there roles have expanded. I am surprised at the amount of acting going on at this level of sport.
Watching FIFA, I see the acting is on par with the NBA. Players falling over in a dramatic style, agony on their faces, grabbing body parts, or laying still waiting for the whistle. They make it look doubtful they will ever be able to stand up again, let alone play. If the whistle doesn’t come, they are up in a flash running down the field.

Watching an NBA game, I see two-hundred plus pound men in the key falling over when barely bumped, acting like a train hit them. The player being touched is falling over, not the player doing the bumping. Other times players find ways to get in the way and then bumped, hoping to cause a foul on the opposition.

Players in the MLB and college level baseball, have their non verbal body language, mainly pitchers and batters, are body language experts. Often they are telling each other off using their body language. Making both subtle and overt sexual and other references towards each other involving package checks, and occasionally, other more explicit body language.

I watched a college baseball game last week where the batter was grabbing and throwing his crotch towards the pitcher. The picture was busy going through his own repertoire of movement, creatively flipping the bird at the batter.

It has all become part of the game. Each player or team trying to get an edge on the other.  Hoping the referees and umpires will be unable to separate fact from fantasy. Some of these games have more drama in them than  soap operas.

Perhaps as a casual watcher of sports, I notice these behaviors as I do not watch enough sports to make more refined observations concerning the play. For me, watching the acting is entertainment enough.

Maybe it is time to start a sports actors guild? There could be a best actor and runner up in each sport or division. There could be an award for the best sequence of falls over the season, based on believability. The best faked trip, or foul. How about the most obscene gestures thrown in a season. Award winners would get a cash award on top of a trophy.

Where does this leave the Referees and Umpires? Maybe they could have slots on the award show for most correct calls, best at ignoring antics, and maybe even directing pitchers and batters to clean up their acts.

Sports and porn are the reason the Internet made it. At one time, sports and porn took up over fifty percent of all bandwidth. Casually watching sports these days, I wonder if porn is the cleaner of the two. Especially if you throw in excessive and continuous spitting in baseball.

The falling in sports, and porn are both fake, so maybe acting during the game awards and best acting porn awards could be the same show?

Make You Laugh

Laughing and happiness are two cornerstones to feeling good about you and your life. Money, power, and other trappings of what from the outside look like a good life are illusions. If you can’t laugh and you don’t feel good about yourself from the inside everything else doesn’t matter.

With that said here is a funny joke. Having spent a lot of time there, I can relate to it.

A man is sitting in a dentist chair. mouth open wide.

Dentist, “I am going to give you helium”

Patient, “Will it help the pain?”

Dentist, “No but it will sound hilarious  when you scream.”

I don’t know who made up the joke, but thank you!

Auto Immune, ADD, Pregnancy, and Acetaminophen Link Possible

Acetaminophen is a wonder drug. It is generally safe to use, when proper dosing is followed, works great for pain relief, and does not upset your stomach as some other pain relievers may. Acetaminophen also has a dark side. I have read up to an estimated 17,000 overdoses per year cause serious health concerns and/or deaths per year.

Recently two articles caught my eye about Acetaminophen. The first was about a link between Acetaminophen and Celiacs. Celiacs, loosely described is a wheat or wheat gluten allergy.

When I discovered I was a Celiac, it was barely being recognized as an actual illness. A few years ago, estimates were one in one hundred and forty people of European descent had some level of Celiacs. Today, I am hearing estimates of more than one in one hundred people may be effected by Celiacs and are not aware of it, because it hides so well in our body unless it becomes an extreme sensitivity.

Celiacs is commonly thought of an auto immune disorder these days. I have seen Celiacs grouped with Multiple Scleroses, Gout, Diabetes, and Crones disease. Whether these are all variations of one issue is a hot debate in medical and scientific circles. Whether they too may be affected by Acetaminophen, I have not read about it. Seems like a possibility though.

There appears, from what I read, to be two new side effects to Acetaminophen according to the articles. One is Acetaminophen makes one more sensitive to wheat Gluten (Celiacs).

The second more serious side effect may be a disturbing link between Acetaminophen and ADD, when the pregnant mother takes Acetaminophen during her pregnancy.

As someone who was taking Acetaminophen three or more days a week, stopping has strongly reduced my gluten sensitivity, and returned my life to almost normal. No longer do I need to be concerned about a lone crouton in my salad making me ill.

I no longer feel sick with Celiac symptoms when I know I have not had eaten any wheat in the last three or four days. Eating oatmeal which is one of my main breakfast foods has not bothered me since I stopped taking Acetaminophen.

I have been told Celiacs itself, “Is all in my head” by a few odd people. I have to disagree with them. Celiacs is all in my digestive track. My head only notices how poorly I am feel.

As to taking Acetaminophen while pregnant, I have no opinion. It is obvious, years ago ADD and illnesses like it were a rare occurrence, and is now a minor epidemic. The article I read claimed a link between Acetaminophen use during pregnancy and ADD symptoms as the babies develop.

I do not have any medical advice to offer one way or another on this. I do not know if what I read is based on real studies or repeatable data. What I do know is not taking any Acetaminophen products has made me feel better.

If you are Celiac or have another auto immune disorder, you can determine for yourself if Acetaminophen has any effect on your body. It was as obvious to me, as not eating wheat in any form first was. Within a couple of days I started feeling a lot better.

As to pregnancy and Acetaminophen, this is a decision each Woman should make of her own volition, independently of other opinions. In any case it is a matter of risk verses reward. In my case the risk seemed small until I started to enjoy the reward.

Want a Job, Willing to Travel? Rumor Control

This post should be considered Rumor Control and not factual – in fact what may be classified as fantasy follows.  I have been told this by people I normally trust, but it may not be true. This information is unverified and may not be true, so take it for what it is worth.

If you haven’t heard, a few places in the country (USA) are having an oil boom, and they need workers. If you are willing to work, and can put up with less than stellar living conditions, you can make a lot of money at one of these two places.

I have been told by a person from Minot, North Dakota, that McDonald’s is so desperate, they are willing to pay $18.00 an hour, and give you $2000.00 to work in Minot. That is over $37,000.00 a year! You have to sign a contract of course. Minot, North Dakota is not all that for most people.

I have been told this by people I normally trust, but it may not be true. This information is unverified and may no longer be true by the time you read this, so take it for what it is worth.

Midland Texas, is so desperate for workers, a 53 year old man with no work record found a job paying over $50.000 a year within three days of showing up in Midland. Midland, Texas is not all that for most people.

This is what I was told, and it may not be true. Take it for what it’s worth. Which is worth about what you hear walking down the street. I am not responsible for any action you take or do not take from reading this post.

If you are seriously considering what I wrote is true, search the net, make some phone calls, ask your family and friends, think before you act.

Murder by Slender Man?

As of this writing, two twelve year old Wisconsin girls tried to murder a third girl by stabbing her multiple times. As of today, Slender Man is being blamed for the attack.

The injured girl is alive, barely, and my heart and prayers go out to her and her family. This must be ripping the family apart. You send your child out to play, and then the door bell rings.

I’m not sure I put any stock to this idea, but it came floating through my thoughts as I read about the two twelve year old Waukesha girls, and their Slender Man induced attempted murder. As it played out in my head, it seemed remotely possible. This is my attempt to make what I read fit into what may have happened. It in no way dulls the horror.

Voices in our heads, we all have them. These voices can be dangerous, driving us over the edge of sanity and reason. Even more dangerous for Children who do not know what to do with their voices.  Children who do not know voices are abnormal? Adults deal better with voices in their heads because they learned tell them to, “Shut up!” Most adults know how manage those background noise voices, generally by ignoring them.

Children, who hear voices in their heads are not so fortunate. They may not even know the voices should be ignored. Maybe some Children do not know to not allow voices in their heads to have any meaning? There are always exceptions of children who never thought to ask an adult about the voices in their heads.

Children, among other things, are strong story and lore keepers. Believers in almost all stories they hear and tell. Any child knows where the most evil house in their neighborhood is. Any child can also recite a long list of most feared monsters and creatures that roam around by day and by night. Any child can tell you about important child things.

Children spend large amounts of their time thinking about really scary things. Remember the things that used to scare you as a child, and how you believed it all? Maybe you still do? As a child we all told stories of very scary things, and we believed most of them.

When Children listen to the voices in their head, monsters and mayhem become alive in their world. They exist, and they are active in Children’s imaginations. They attack and harrass children through their thoughts. Most Children can set them aside, but maybe one of these two children could not.

It’s not much of a stretch of imagination to think that what happened between the three twelve year old Girls. Two girls who attempted to murder one of their own. Slender Man wanted them to do it. Maybe even insisted to one of them that they do it. Threatened at least one of them with what would happen if they did not murder.

To children Slender Man is the real deal. Same as the monsters that scared you as a child. Slender Man was invented only a few years ago if you are an adult. If you are around the age of twelve, Slender Man has been watching you your whole life.

If you are a twelve year old with an over active imagination, and voices in your head, Slender Man is one scary monster. Scary enough that Slender Man is telling you things, and you believe him. Talking over your thoughts and making you listen to him instead.

Making you so scared, you lose your own idea of right and wrong. Slender Man scares you bad enough that you are willing to do anything to be protected from or by Slender Man.

Without Slender Man, or another monster hiding in your thoughts, and you are around twelve, you may start to become a little odd. You may find yourself doing odd things, like excessive hand washing, hurting animals, or having a version of reality that no one else seems to have. You become a little paranoid, maybe even a lot paranoid.

Of course your family may cover up for you. Perhaps they pretend not to notice. If you are lucky, you maintain enough control inside your head, your issue does not become known, and you can grow up almost normal, with a touch of strange.

If you are not able be in control of your thoughts, outside help will be sought, hopefully sooner than later. If you are completely unable to control the voices and thoughts in your head, something like Slender Man is ready and willing to take charge, and tell you what to do.

I think this type of behavior in twelve year old girls is very rare. Maybe it was the perfect storm released by a previous head injury? Maybe it is a result of something else gone wrong. Maybe it’s all a fabricated story, thought up for self preservation. Maybe those two girls were bored, and thought murder would be fun.

Web Based Advertising and Your Values

I use Ad blocking add on my browser. An adblocker protects me from most ads on ad saturated sites. I mean really, who is not insensitive to web based advertising any more? This isn’t a story about adblocker’s though. This is some thought about how and where companies advertise on the web, and what it says to me about those companies.

Recently, I used a computer without adblocker software installed. I was shocked to say the least at what I saw. Ads wanting me to partake of a companies offerings. Wholesome family value companies, who’s ads are inserted randomly in very disturbing stories. I found what I was observing ad and story wise very disconcerting.

Clicking a story with a disturbing headline about a women murdered, there is a picture of the woman, the story of how she was brutally murdered, and an advertisement for a family value company embedded in the upper right and offset to the middle right of the story text.

I could not believe a national chain, advertising on the net, has no interest when or where their ads are placed? As I clicked through article to article, there they are, ads from upstanding red, white, and blue wholesome companies ads right there among all the trash stories.

I thought there must be some oversight on the part of the companies. I emailed one company who had their ad placed in the above mentioned murder story. The company responded they have no control over where their ads are placed. This is a national chain, not some Mom and Pop Shop desperate for any type of online presence.

I am surprised at myself, and I am surprised at you. I am disturbed by these ads and their placement. We have become so immune to web advertising, ads are not noticed when reading the text. I do not know if these ads effect you or not, but at this point in my life, I know who I am, and I know what I want or need. An ad embedded in a story is not going to sway me to utilize them, or make them a part of my life.

The indifference to the placement of these ads however does lead me to question what these companies are really about. Read a sickening murder story, and book a room for your next vacation? Feels a little bi-polar to me.

Go ahead and check this out yourself. Go to a website that collects news of any type, and does advertising. Click on any disturbing story you find, and look at the ads, their placement, and values they want to portray. I think you will be a little awed too, maybe disturbed by companies who want advertising so badly, they do not care where their ads are placed.

In the future, I am going to pay more attention to these ads when I see them. They have started me thinking about the values that are important to these companies, and whether their values align with my own. How about you, will you see web based ads differently in the future?

Light Fast and Powerful Linux Distro that Roars

Well, I had I thought written a fairly good article written about SolydXK Linux. It is “had” because my fingers turned: ctrl c, into something resembling: ctrl cv, which left me with an empty document and no backup. Ok, I thank Windows for that dual blunder.

So this will be a shorter written praise of SolydXK Linux. If you want the stability of Debian, melded with Mint Linux,  head on over to the SolydXK website and check out what they have to offer.

I found three flavors on the site, SolydX, a blazing speed, well crafted XFCE  compilation, SolydK, a slick and very fast KDE compilation, both created from Debian Testing repositories, and the third SolydX soho business compilation.

SolydX is a nearly perfect for me. Fast, light, powerful,  and almost complete. I added three programs that most people would have no interest in. SolydX and SolydK are geared for home use, and home gaming. SolydK is great but has too many programs I would not use.

SolydXK updates are done quarterly as a package deal. If the update is not ready for the quarter due to package behavior, or other problems, the update is held back. This sure tames the guessing game update for SolydXK users. Of course if you want the SolydXK for business compilation, it is built on Debian Stable, so updates are very slow.

SolydXK is being developed by an ex Mint Linux (LMDE) user, who struck out on his own with some help of course when Mint Linux LMDE went south, or north. If you are new to Linux, SolydXK has several tutorials to help you out. The forums are also responsive and you should find the solution for your issue quickly.

Due to the tutorials on the SolydXK website, their forum, and the plethora of how to’s and examples on the already on the web, I won’t waste your time with installation, and operation. I will mention, if you like Windows XP, and are looking for something similar, SolydX or SolydK will be to your liking.

If you want a fast integrated, fast, and light Linux distro that is based on rock solid Debian, with a very nice paint job, and a big engine, head on over to SolydXK website and check out their offerings. I think you will like what you see and read.

Whole Brain Focus

Your individual brains working together may be a wonderful experience. Have you ever had those times when something you do frequently suddenly becomes difficult, if not down right frustrating? I know I do. I like some puzzles, and I generally do those puzzles daily. Some days, or parts of a day however, a puzzle becomes very frustrating, and I did not understand why.

I was reading today in a book at the library that each individual brain may be broken down into four to seven different brains, or personalities that make us who we are. As I thought about this, I wondered if that is the background chattering and at times nonsense conversation that goes on in our heads.

You know, the thoughts that interfere with your thinking when you are trying to concentrate? Or the unlinked sentences that float through your thoughts when you are not thinking of anything? I thought perhaps those were the individual parts of my brain that could be separated out into separate brain selves.

If this idea is true and we all have those four to seven separate brain selves, it would seem at any one time we are only using one or two for any given task. For example, if we are doing a math problem, not all portions of our brain are in use. The only part of our brain I think we would use is the part that has the capability of understanding a math problem, and the rules that involve doing math.

The same would apply to speaking, reading, hearing, taste, and so on. Or the same could apply to a portion of our brain that likes math, another that likes language, another that likes visual puzzles. Maybe it is all one in the same with different labels. I really do not know, nor could I pretend to know.

For example as I am typing this, my typing is of probably poor quality. I have to go back and correct what I have typed. I have trouble with: …t he, transposing letters: from for example, and example. It seems to follow that more than one part of my brain is needed to type in a more correct manner. From that thought, can I assume, all the required parts of my brain needed to type well do not care about typing?

I think it is important that what I am typing is coherent and grammatically correct. But what part of my brain is that? It obviously is a different part than the parts not paying attention and allowing me to make the same typing mistakes over and over again.

How much would it change us, if we made an effort to have all the parts of our brain working to solve a problem, whether that be typing correctly, solving a puzzle, or being creative? It may be the language part of our brain, may not be interested in creativity. But what would change within us if we could make that part of our brain interested in creativity?

I think, when we have those, “Aha” moments it happens. For a few seconds some part of our brain which normally does not take an interest in whatever it is we are doing, decides to contribute to the process of arriving at a solution. That little slice of our brain which generally does something else adds its effort to solving our problem.

A few seconds later we have our, “aha” moment, and we are surprised by our flash of genius, and wonder why we never thought of it before. Then our brain goes back to its normal pattern of distracting us, or thinking other thoughts, while we turn our flash of inspiration into reality. And that feels really good.

Are You Sure You’ve Never Been Abducted by Aliens?

“Have you ever been abducted by Aliens?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Are you sure?”

A three or four year old boy plays in the back yard near the wood-line of his back yard. The house he lives in has no indoor plumbing. There is a kitchen sink, but the drain is plumbed through the wall, and into the ground, entering into a small trench about forty feet from the house which drains into the woods.

He plays here sometimes because it is easy for his mother to find him when he becomes too quiet. His other favorite spot is playing in a bowl like part of the yard on another side of the house to his left. He is playing with a big yellow toy dump truck, building roads or whatever it is little boys do when they play with toy trucks in the grass.

He hears a noise and looks up. It does not sound like a plane from the airport, this is a quiet sound, and he may not have noticed if they had a road or neighbors nearby. He looks up, and there in the air just above the trees over the ditch, is a silver disk floating in the air. It looks too small to hold even one  grown up, he wonders who in it.

Instantly he knows there are two of them inside, and they are is there to get dirt from the drainage ditch. It’s okay, he knows now. They are going to get some dirt. There is nothing special about it. The boy wonders why they want that dirt? All it is soggy yucky muck made with water from the kitchen sink drain. He does not even like playing in that stuff himself.

As he watches, he sees a silver bucket tied to a white rope descend from the back of the silver disk. In his mind, he thinks they rolled down the back window, and lowered the bucket out through it. He can’t see, but that is what he thinks. The bucket drops into the drainage disk, somehow scoops up some mud, and is pulled back into the disk.

Then the disk flies off. The little boy, who has never seen anything like this before, is so okay with the event, he never told his parents what he has seen. In fact he did not give it a another thought after it was over. He went back to the earth moving job he had to get done with his toy truck.

A twenty year old living in the mountains of California takes his six year old cousin camping one summer day. He knows which camp-site they will go too. There isn’t anything to do there though.  It is not a camp-ground, only a place where someone can spend the night. He also does not wonder why they would go there when there were better places to camp. They arrive at the camp-site in the afternoon, cook and eat dinner. They will sleep in the back of the Travel-all, cook breakfast in the morning, and head home.

He wakes up in the morning choking, out of breath. There is a small purple person standing on his chest. The two foot tall person is the color of beet skin. He is wearing a thick yellow suit which is so tight, it looks like it is part of his body. On the chest area of the suit is a large red Z. He wakes choking, and thinks the little purple person is trying to choke him, because he sees him standing on his chest and feels his hands at his neck.

In an instant, it is over, and he is awake. The only people present are himself and the cousin who is still asleep. He remembers eating dinner only because he forgot knives for the meal and they had to eat the meat with their fingers. Oddly that is the only memory of the night before.

This morning it felt so real as he was choking, he could almost feel purple hands on his throat as he lay there. He can not explain why he thought he was choking, that has never happened before.

He wakes the young boy. The young boy wakes wanting to get back home as soon as possible. He does not want to eat breakfast, but wants to go straight home. They pack up their few items, and head back home. Other than arriving, eating, and leaving in the morning, nothing of note about the trip is mentioned.

It becomes a forgotten memory like the disk with the bucket. Years later he remembers both instances, a few weeks after those two innocent questions were asked of him. Now he wonders if the purple person in the yellow suit was reviving him, and not choking him. He also wonders why the boy wanted to go straight home in the morning as soon as he woke, it was not his normal behavior.

Some years later he was at RAF Woodbridge, next to Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, England when the UFO incident occurred. He went home after work that night, not mentioning anything about the incident to anyone. Just another night at work.

“Have you ever been abducted by Aliens?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Are you sure?”