Selling a Rifle or Bad Judgement?

This may an illegal new scam or work around in Craigslist Sporting Goods, maybe CL General too. Certainly this is going on other sites too where may people post items for sale.

If you look at the title, the seller claims they are selling a synthetic stock for a 6.5 mm Remington Rifle. I suppose the seller is showing the barrel, and has the action in a plastic bag at the top of the photo in case someone is confused about what they are buying.

I am sure the seller doesn’t want someone spending $100 on a synthetic stock, only to find out they can’t use it for camping or fishing.

While this ploy deserves an “A” for creativity, it may be breaking State and Federal Laws and endanger people in general.

I am personally concerned, because if the Seller is indeed illegally selling the complete rifle, they don’t care who buys it. This could be bought by someone going through a rough time, an angry teen or adult, anyone who really should not be in possession of a firearm.

Gun sales have there place, and a “For Sale” site is not one of them. This may be an example of, “Let’s go to Prison” thinking. What do you think, Selling a Rifle or bad judgement?

Not to mention potentially illegal, Is this the newest Scam on Craigslist?



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