On Earth, as it is in Heaven

If you have watched the movie, “Heaven is for real”, you can relate to this post. Or maybe if you have watched this movie recently. Myself, I think I have watched it four or so times this month. The movie may have really reached out and grabbed me. Or maybe there was nothing else I wanted to watch in the moment. Maybe it was planned that way just for me.

Not so much the little boy and his visit to heaven, but some of the ideas in the movie reached out and caught my attention. One of these ideas I find fascinating. The part where the Dad comes back to the church to preach again.

He has a few words written on a sheet of paper. He doesn’t seem to have any real idea what he is going to say to fill in the rest of his talk. I won’t do any quoting as I probably have it out of context, but two ideas from this scene really made an impression on me.

The first thought is, if we were all in heaven, would we be doing anything differently than we are right now? This is something many people (I think) have not given any serious thought to, other than perhaps when we say our prayers, if that is something we do, or we go to church services.

What would we be doing different if we were in heaven? I really do not see many of us competing with the angels in the singing department. Nor do I see many of us in a church setting for most of our waking day, every day.

SwingingSomething that really stuck out for me was the phrase, ‘On earth as it is in heaven’. This, I thought, is something I never really gave any thought to. If we are average people trying to do the right thing, is what we do and how we manage our day akin to what we would be doing in heaven?

Would we have a family we love to be with, work of some type we want to do. Places to go and people to see? What would we be doing if we were in heaven right now? Would we be friendlier, more caring, more responsible? Better yet, what are people we think are in heaven doing right now if that is where they are?

Does technology exist in heaven? Computers, telephones, Internet, cars, television, radio? Are the musicians out of work in heaven? What about those of us who may barely squeezed past the gates? Are we better people in heaven, having insight not available to us on earth? Would we have sex, love, and rock and roll, an expensive car to drive, gourmet meals every day if we choose them?

Is it our responsibility to bring heaven down to earth? If it is, we could do better. We have our moments, some of us have our days, months, years, and decades, but they are isolated pockets in our day to day world.

Maybe that is why the idea is brought up in the movie about there being no time in heaven. Maybe we are bringing heaven to earth, but it is a very, very slow process?

Our lives and health are better than they have ever been. Maybe as we live longer, we grow wiser, make better decisions, and do better at making our life here as it is in heaven. I would like to think so. If we are living healthier, longer lives, and all we are doing is existing, living day to day, focused on ourselves, is that enough?

What do you think about us here on earth, and heaven being some place else? What is the earth, heaven relationship?