Nightmares, Voices, and Visions

What about those nightmares? What about those bad dreams that are not really nightmares but close? You know those dreams that are very unsettling but did not cause you to wake up terrified? What about childhood terrors? These are not the dreams that let us wake up refreshed and rested.

Sometimes dreams are just not fun. They are at the least unsettling, and at their worst, make for a bad day or week. In the realm of ancient knowledge, there are documented records of good dreams and bad dreams. Some dreams foretell of danger wiping out a community or culture. Other dreams are prophetic precursors of something going to happen and there was nothing to be done about it.

Are all nightmares just dreams, or could they be something more?

All these dreams are real from the viewpoint of the person who dreamed them. Whether they are a child’s night terrors to a dream of our dying, they are real to that person. Someone who hears voices or thinks they are being tormented by monsters or demons, to that person those events or dreams are real.

When a child suffers from night terrors, they are not called night terrors because they are so much fun. To the Child and Adult having night terrors, they are completely real.

The situation or the monsters are as real as you or I touching our hand with our other hand. Just because other people in the room can not perceive what terrifies the child, is not any sort of proof that the terror is not real. In times past, there was a different way of managing people who heard voices, saw apparitions, or were attacked by monsters or demons.

People in this unfortunate situation were severely tortured, semi-drowned, or underwent some other punishment which would be unthinkable today. We do a real disservice when flippantly dismissing a child who suffers from night terrors, someone who hears voices or sees things the rest of us are unable to.

The idea that we are not effected has nothing to do with personal experience. Jumping off on another train of thought, it is believed that these are real happenings, and are memories of a previous lifetime or existence.

We have a silly way of managing these occurrences, either dreams, visions or auditory occurrences. We classify them as either from some benevolent higher power or they are evil. I propose we shrink these two categories and have a much larger middle ground category where we can safely store night terrors, apparitions, voices, and other things that go bump, and not necessarily in the night.

Imagine for a moment, where the state of negotiation would be if American mathematician John Nash, a Nobel Laureate in Economics and Abel Prize winner, was either tortured, locked away or murdered?

How many other brilliant minds throughout history underwent horrible forms of punishment as a method or a cure. People did not quit hearing or seeing things. If they survived their torture, they learned to lie convincingly, so it did not happen again. Most of us are just like them. We have nightmares, seen visions or heard voices. We are smarter than we were centuries ago. We have learned not to talk about them.

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