My Chess Thoughts

There are many Chess misconceptions.

I live in the Albuquerque, New Mexico. There are several active Chess Clubs meeting in Albuquerque on a regular basis. Search on the net for a Chess Club near you using: “chess “where you live”” in a search engine.

Some, if not all Albuquerque schools have chess programs in place. Chess is not a long forgotten game by any means.

Learning to play Chess will improve your critical thinking skills. Improved thinking skills improves your life, home, at work, or in school. As a byproduct of learning to play Chess, we learn to reason and think our way through complex problems with less effort and better results.

Chess gives us a healthy outlet where doing our best is rewarded by faster feedback than other endeavors. One type of Chess game is over in less than three minutes.

The biggest misconception about chess is: ‘Chess is hard to learn’. Anyone who can read or understand, can learn or be taught to play chess. At eight years old, one of the family members was a chess board terror when we had our holiday get together chess games.

Chess is an old fashioned game. The difference I feel between Chess and some modern electronic games, is Chess returns thinking to a deeper level. Chess is not about making an onscreen player jump, lunge, or fight. Chess is about managing your resources, deploying your army, and out thinking the person across the board.

Chess has several variations of how it is played. Two variations I know of has four people playing at once. In one variation they are teams of two, in the second variation, all four players play against each other.

Chess is about being a Gang Leader and leading your Gang to victory on the chess board against another equally powerful and cunning Gang Leader.

Chess is fun to play. Sure, playing your best game of chess takes some thought. However a little thinking is more than rewarded by winning a chess game, or at least knowing you put up a good fight.

Chess does not have to be serious, and you do not have to be nerd to enjoy playing Chess. You can play Chess and have fun with it, that is what life is all about.

More Chess thoughts added as I have time and learn more myself…

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