Minimalism, no Remodeling, & Eating In for Economic Growth

One lifestyle that carries a lot of momentum these days is going minimalist. This means living well below your means for a variety of reasons, or pretending it is the sixties or seventies all over again and doing with the electronic toys of the 2000’s.

This is all well and good for the chosen few and it does allow one to have extra cash. The downside is all the people who do not receive any benefit from these families and individuals who live below their means.

In general they do not have cell phones, cable television, high powered computers, or other electronics. I know this is a sweeping statement and there are many exceptions, but you get the idea. The electronics, entertainment, gaming and other companies employ less people because not everyone is on the cable and electronics bandwagon.

Remodeling is a popular pastime of home owners. Unfortunately many home owners do their own remodeling. Doing the work yourself provides an outlet for using ones free time for something useful. Homeowners also help the economy by buying power tools, and keeping the housing industry employed. They could all use licensed contractors to do the work, but they cost so much, and would over run the home remodeling budget.

Having a home garden saves money but puts field workers out of work. Not remodeling your home every few years hurts the housing industry, and Borg stores. Going minimalist hurts a lot of industries, as does living as if it were the sixties again.

I heard there is one home area where we do more than our part to keep people employed. It has been recently estimated from surveys we throw away 47% of the food we bring into our home. That has to be a boon for farmers, ranchers, and field hands.

Of course if we consumed that 47% of food we throw away we would not be doing our part to keep the fast food industry going. There would be a sharp rise in unemployment in this sector leading to a larger pool of unskilled labor who cannot or will not find other employment.