Linux Can’t Connect to Your Local Network – Solved

When Linux is not working right for you, it is frustrating. For some problems, there are hundreds of pages with information telling you how to fix your problem. Most of the time, most of the advice is wrong.

One of my biggest frustrations for some time, was connecting to the local network. I searched and found many, many suggestions ranging from the simple, to the absurd and the complex – with key steps missing.

When Linux works for you, it’s a joy, when it doesn’t, well

The answer like most things Linux is very simple. I just happened to be directed to the correct web page. Thunar file manager is capable in it’s own right.

The distribution you and I are using, runs the balance of being a productive system, and allowing the whole system to be destroyed. At times that is a tricky balance. What is good for you, may be dangerous for me.

Back to connecting to the local network. If like me, you looked around the Internet, you may have found you can connect to your local network through your web browser. You can also pull your own teeth with a pair of pliers. Very painful, but it can be done.

Here is a simple fix, that should help most people with this problem. In your distribution’s repository there should be a file named, “GVFS-BACKEND”. In your repository it may be named a little differently, but it should be there.

Download and install, GVFS-Backend, restart your computer, and your local network is a mouse click or two away. Enjoy!

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