Let’s Practice Healthy Public Restroom Behavior

Public Restroom - semi clean

Let’s keep our public toilets usable and open

I have been spun up about this subject for years now. It is one of those subjects the “Experts” say never to post. Seeing this is not a monetary blog, I am breaking the ‘rules’. I know if you are a normal male, it bugs you too.

In Public Restrooms, this is what some of us men and their male children do, thinking it is their right

Men and their children peeing on the toilet seats because they won’t lift the seats up.
Men and their children leaving their business in the bowl waiting for the next user

Men and their children who spray their waste around the toilet stall

Men and Boys who think plugging up toilets and flush flooding is funny

I am tired of Men and Boys, who like dogs, feel the need to territorially mark Public Restrooms with their bodily waste

I said it, its out in the open now. One of our darkest male secrets is something we would never do in our own home. A few of us Men have filthy habits. No thoughts of the privileges of a public bathroom because other Men and Boys are responsible restroom users, and do not make a mess.

Public Restrooms are not a right. Public Restrooms do not have cleaning crews waiting for us Men and Boys to trash their Restroom. Waiting in the back room waiting to rush in and clean up after us.

Public Restrooms are a courtesy of the business providing them. The business proving public restrooms can revoke the courtesy as they choose. It is easier than enforcing dress codes in their store. No explanation or reason needed.

For Men and Boys who make messes in public restrooms should  think about their actions. Your front porch, lawn, and rooms in your home are your personal territory. Mark them all you wish if you are the owner. Public Restrooms are not a space any rational male should want to claim as his. If you feel the urge to mark up a public restroom as your personal property, I suggest getting some help with your self esteem.

I do not want to go into a place of business and find the Public Restroom doors locked and a sign stating no public restrooms available. This is not generally a pleasant situation when it occurs. Let’s work on protecting this privilege some do not have.

Treat all public property as if it is your own property by taking care of it. It will help lower prices in the store. Have some respect for the people who have to clean up after you. Be courteous to them as they are to you, giving you a free relatively clean place to do your private business away from home.