Learning Tactics now to survive to the Endgame

When I started chess tactics training last month, I shot way up into the 1400’s! I thought I was doing well. The next day of tactics training, reality arrived and I was at 897. The day after my 897 day was nothing to get excited about either score wise. I was missing the most obvious simple moves and attacks.

Now a little over a month later and almost daily Chess Tactical Puzzle solving, I am showing improvement. I now manage a score between 925 to 1050. The higher end if I do not have any pawn end game tactical problems that session. With too many pawn endgame problems and I am scraping 900 for tactical ability.

I find chess tactics to be a lot of fun. The puzzles are getting more interesting now. The newest twist in Tactics is the process of making the best move, not just a good move. That is good for me because I know one of  my major faults is completing the first move I see without looking for what that move does or does not do, and what my opponent will do thanks to ,y poor choice of moves.

I have read some complaining by people who’s Tactics score was dropped after missing problems of a certain type. I think it is fine if my Chess Tactics score drops. It shows a major weakness in my already weak chess game. I suppose I have the advantage as I really have no score to worry about.

I believe it is a lot better to discover what we need to know from Tactical Puzzles and press on than it would be to stop Tactics Training due to frustration. All stopping practicing Chess Tactics would accomplish is one opponent after another discovering this gaping hole in our learning and beating us soundly from the other side of the chessboard.

I know now I am going to have to learn the endgame better. Give me a Tactical Puzzle with a few pawns and a King, and I am in serious trouble.  At first the endgame did not seem important because I was barely surviving the opening. As I mentioned my chess games seemed to go from the opening moves straight to the endgame with little or no middle game. Such is the result of  having the skill level of a beginner while playing more experienced players.