It is always about Love

I recently finished a book named, Burro Genius, by Victor Villasenor. In itself this is an excellent book, and if you can get ahold of a copy of Burro Genius, I do not think you will be disappointed. Burro Genius is an autobiography of a child’s (Mr. Villasenor) struggle to hold on to what he believes is true in the face of adversity by people who want him to believe untruths and go against everything he was told and believes . The struggles of a little boy are carried into his teen years and beyond.

The reason I mention Burro Genius is Mr. Villasenor in his book, reminds me there is more to our lives than the mundane. He also makes it clear that standing alone on our side of the line in the dirt does not mean we are wrong or we are standing alone.

There are other stories of creation that are as valid as yours or mine. God speaks to us continuously. We all can hear what God has to say if we are quiet, patient, and open to listening. Occasionally, when it is important to God, the message arrives via a stronger messenger and then we hear.

I have been interested in the occult and paranormal. My interest started because I had parents of different religions, and little slices of life memories of before I came here. That was pretty heady stuff for a small child to make sense of. One parent going to hell even though they both believed in God, and making sense of memories that did not happen on this earth or in this world for that matter.

I rarely talked about or asked about my memories of before here when I was a child, and when I did, it was as if a curtain came down between myself and whatever adult I was speaking too. My parents differing religions were the same way with no one neutral on the subject. Needless to say, the two ‘imaginary’ (adult) people in my back yard, and my occasional visions were something I never brought up. By the time I was eight or nine, I had my secrets and I kept them.

When someone going door to door decides I am a good candidate for conversion from heathenism (not being of their church) to the light of their religion, all goes well for a short while. Then I have to ask: When exactly does our eternal life begin? If we love one another and try to do the right thing are we bad people? Did our eternal life started eons ago, and we are not aware of it because it is not Gods will we should be more aware? These questions pretty much stop all discussion. In no time these people of God quickly think of reasons why they need to leave – in mid discussion.

We it comes to our beliefs, we can only know what we know. What we know is only real for us. If someone uses different words or phrases it does not make what they say and think untrue. It only makes their perception and verbiage different than our own.

Many of us see ourselves and our family here on this earth with everything else not part of us.  Everything mystical, religious or paranormal is not of the world we have created unless it is in that little slice of time we go to church in. Eternal life starts when they were born. Eternity is what follows. This is their only chance to determine where they will spend eternity.

Such a tidy way of making sense of life and religion. Anything that does not fall in that narrow depiction of how the spiritual side of life works, is either to be ignored or feared. God no longer speaks, and Evil is winning the war of good and evil. If it doesn’t happen in the Sunday service, it isn’t real. They make a pill for that don’t they?

Speaking of pills for that, I read the other day, if you are an adult past forty and have feelings of immense gratitude, or sadness, this is an abnormal condition. There now is indeed a pill for that. I have issue with the definition of ‘abnormal condition’. Seems to me the people defining abnormal conditions are mundane, and have never witnessed any mystical experiences, how can they determine what someone who may have should feel? Then there is rule 2. If it isn’t part of church on Sunday, it is not real. If it is real, it is surely evil incarnate.

It is not my place nor my intention to challenge your belief system. Your beliefs have been with you your whole life. To you they are as comfortable as say being under your blankets on a cold night. I will suggest however that maybe everything you believe to be true is not the complete truth?

Many of us are explorers of one type or another. Some conquer mountain tops, others the sea floor. Most of us explorers partake in physical pursuits. A few explorers however explore possibilities. They travel inward and outward at times leaving their bodies in a safe place as they travel and explore. They catch glimpses other truths, and experience other worldly events.

Over your lifetime there are experiences or events you pretend are not what they were. Those things do not happen.  But they did, and they do not fit anything you knew before or after. These memories live right under the surface of our thoughts. Visions, sights, sounds, waking or sleeping dreams. We all have experiences we may have never shared with another person.

Why are we so quiet about these experiences we  won’t admit may be true? Is it because they are uncomfortable and do not fit nicely in our world. Are we afraid of what others may think of us? Mr. Villasenor found his answers, and he found his truths. He may explain some things a little differently, and that is ok. It is hard to find fault with an angry little boy cum young man, who found his way to became a caring human being who knows there is more to the world, than a few hours on a Sunday.