I’m rude, and I don’t care

The cold call must take a special type of personality on both ends of the conversation for a successful sale. Most of the cold calls I encounter are over my land line telephone. Some cold calls are door to door.

Peter called me two days ago. Caller id: v3957286419 or similar informative caller id string. I was instilled with confidence before I even answered. These numbers are flags saying, get ready, here is another one.

Me, “Hello?”

“Hello this is Peter”

Me, “Yes Peter”

“I am with xyz security systems”. We will be in your area…click.”

Did I need to hear any more?

After years of commercials, commercialism is part of my phone etiquette. Who is Peter really? Peter could be the next door neighbor who never talks to me in person. Peter could be some poor schmuck who needs to pay his rent and this is the best he can do. Peter may in prison, who chooses to cold call rather than sit in his cell.

Who is xyz company for that matter? Do they even exist? Are they running a new scam? Are they casing houses for theft? Do they really exist or are they part of some boiler plate operation trying to get money from the unsuspecting.

unknown number

Having your time wasted by telemarketers

If I was Peter, would I want to call me? If I was xyz company would I want Peter to waste his time calling me? Who created the list I am on where cold callers think the confidence game is a game I play? isn’t there a list somewhere where it says, “This guy doesn’t play the confidence game?”

The xyz company is going to be in my area shortly. That also means the xyz company will be out of my area a short time later. Maybe Peter and his buds, or the company he works for, cased the neighborhood and and decided we are ripe for a fly-by-night security system cold call?

The same rules apply to Jesus Preachers who go door to door. Is there anyone who has not heard of Jesus, the bible, or how to live life in a Christian manner? Why should I place my confidence in some never seen before door to door bible thumper? I have made up my mind on Heaven, hell, and how I choose to live my life.
When I really feel energetic, I invent an imaginary product to sell and pitch it to them. I think my Son in Law has the best system. At the door, he tells the unwelcome visitor to follow him. He starts working in the garden, or other project. He tells the unwelcome visitor to help while he/she talks. He tells me he gets about fifteen minutes work from the younger ones. He also rarely answers his phone.

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