Illegal Immigrants are We

Read on the back of a T-Shirt worn by a  Native American last week: “Confused about immigration? Ask an Indian how they feel about it.”  All of us ‘real’ Americans, meaning not illegal Mexicans, Chinese, or other nationalities living in the U.S. come from an immigrant family.

Perhaps if we knew enough about our family history we would see our families have immigrated from one place to another for literal eons and eons. And we are not through immigrating yet. We have our eyes on the stars, the biggest pie in the sky we can imagine.

We want to go to the stars presumably to start human life on a new planet or moon to ensure when the Earth is destroyed, Humanity is alive and propagating somewhere. If will be life forms who oppose our being there, well that will be too bad for them if we possess superior technology. We as people have never been overly concerned about those who were living somewhere before we arrived.

Is this our human way of ensuring survival of our species? Unlike the other animals, plants, and insects, we pretend we are more civilized. We can think and reason after all. We are the top dog in the survival game. Some animals are known to kill the young when they acquire a new mate.

Some plants, especially in a desert environment spread poison around themselves to ensure they thrive and survive.  Some insects devour their mates. We humans, if forced due to survival needs, kill off the weakest, usually children, and others who are not currently useful and cannot protect themselves.

Will we ever stop running over other peoples in the name of expansion, growth, or survival? Is emigrating and taking over one a different peoples land the correct choice for humanity and it survival? Do those people who can not or will not defend themselves, their country, and their race have the right to exist as they always did?

What of the possibility we do find another place to live on another Earth? What will the rules be for settling a new planet or moon? We are for the most part aggressive as a race. The farther we live from the equator, the more aggression we are display towards each other. How will we, or can we manage our aggressiveness when we are far from our Earth? Especially if wherever we end up, we are not welcome or wanted?

We need to start taking steps to resolve our aggressiveness these issues. If we have not learned to get along with each other by the time we send a pod of people into and through space to another earth, will they even survive long enough to arrive? Will they be able to build a culture together as one people?

Will our future hope for Humanity have become so splintered through years of space travel, they land preformed as separate tribes? Separating to the far habitable ends of their new home? How will they deal with life forms already present? Peaceful Coexistence, Command and Conquer, or socialize and integrate? Will we on Earth survive long enough to see the possibility happen?