Hershey The Cat

Hershey the Cat in her prime

Family member, confident, and friend.

Hershey the Cat died early this morning. I was with Hershey at her passing a few minutes after one o’clock. It is a relief she died, though it is so painful too. Hershey couldn’t go on any more. Over her last few days she quit eating and stopped drinking.

Hershey was a family member for almost twenty years. Hershey entered our life a very young kitten, starving and lost at a campground. No one ever claimed her, so she joined our family.

Hershey was smart as a whip. Hershey learned how to ring a bell to be let in, come home from exploring to the sound of a dog whistle, play hide go seek, and in her last year Hershey was very proud of herself when she learned to meow what sounded like “hello”.

Hershey got mad often as Siamese Cats do. She purred as she fought with my hand, and could hold a grudge for days. We both loved an disliked each other through the years, same as family members everywhere.

Hershey was an above and beyond mother. We kept one of her only litter of three kittens. Hershey was still trying to take care of her son (about six months younger than her) in the few hours before she passed on.

My wife called her Her/She when we found her at the campground as a kitten. She was a Chocolate Point Siamese. Hershey became her name. She could have been Heinz 57 for all I care. Hershey was the cat of a lifetime. I am so blessed to have had her as part of my family.

I could go on for another ten thousand words about Hershey the Cat. If you have or had pets you understand. If you never had pets, you may not understand. Hershey took care of us as we took care of her. Hershey was a great Cat, friend, consoler, and family member. I hope I was some of those things for Hershey, or maybe did other things only a cat would need understand.

I miss Hershey deeply.

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