Hen Loose of the Hen House

Here in Albuquerque it is not unusual to see coyotes trotting down the street in the very early morning. In the day time Road Runners travel through yards looking for lizards or mice. Nor is it unusual to see huge thirty inch Owls sitting silently on lamp posts looking for rabbits, cats, or small dogs for dinner while walking the neighborhood at night.

Seeing a chicken in the front yard scratching around a tree stump is something I have not seen before. I went outside to get the morning paper and there it was. Inspecting the dirt as if she came every day for a light snack.

A nice healthy hen scratching her way through the loose soil looking for savory things to eat. She scratched around for about ten minutes and headed up the street. I bet her owners wondered where she went off to.

Chicken that flew the coop

Looking for a snack before moving on.

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