Health Benefits of a Diet Plan

Sometimes a post just does not flow. I started writing a post to help you create a Diet Plan last week. It stunk, plain and simple. Here is my second attempt on a Diet Plan just for you. You will have a Diet Plan that actually works for you and does not drop after six or eight weeks. I hope you read about a Diet Plan, create one, follow it, and refer to it often.

You have probably been on one or more diets with varying levels of success. I have been on a number of diets too, and they all work in the short term. I lose weight, keep it off for a short time, and before I know it, the weight is sneaking back on, and at first I am not sure why.

Healthy EatingHealth effects of these on and off diets can not be good. Many of the diets I tried, gave me horrible cravings. Often for food I did not normally eat. I would get hyper, be overly tired, sleepy all day, or not able to sleep at night. The worst part was I was always hungry. I spent a lot of time thinking about food I could not eat. But I lost weight over the short term.

I believe Robert Pritikin was the first person to create a real, healthy diet for readers everywhere. You may want to read about his story. Mr. Pritikin created his diet to save his life. Diets that follow in Pritikin’s footsteps have a lot in common with fresh vegetables as the main focus. Daily servings of fruit, no to very little meat, nuts, selected grains in limited amounts, and finally healthy fats such as Avocado and/or nut oils wrap up these healthier ways of eating.

Robert Pritikin’s diet holds the power to effect your health for better forever – if you can follow it. I found I could not follow his overly strict eating plan. Little did I know just how bad my eating habits were. Most of the conflict was it was Pritikin’s plan, and not mine. Making your own plan helps you be more successful.

I found these basic and very healthy diets  are best.I suggest you adapt one, or create your own diet from these offerings:

  • ¬†The Thirty Day Diabetes Miracle Diet
  • Eat To Live
  • Eat More, Weigh Less

These book/program diets in a way introduce you to your own personal Diet Plan. I wish I would have understood more about eating correctly when I first discovered Pritikin. At the time I thought he was too strict and narrow minded about food.

A Diet Plan helps take weight off sensibly and keep weight from creeping back. Your Diet Plan becomes your eating plan guiding you for life. You can create your own Diet Plan in just a few minutes.

To create your Diet Plan create a text file. Add these lines in any order you prefer:

  • I want to weigh this much in the future
  • I want to look like this in the future
  • I want to be able to wear this in the future
  • I want to be able to do this in the future
  • I want to learn about eat food I will enjoy now and in the future
  • I want to eat healthy nutritious foods over my lifetime, not lose weight right now.
  • Add any other thoughts which are important to you concerning eating and food

Modify those bullets as you need to fit you and your life. Change the order to suit you. This is your Diet Plan. You may continue to modify your Diet Plan to suit your individual needs. For now, use it as your starting point, pointing you where you want to be in the future.

The health effects of a wholesome, healthy diet, and your own Diet Plan are life changing! When you alone are in charge of you, not someone else’s idea of what you should be eating it is a very different. You know what changes you want, how fast you want to get there, and how to maintain once you arrive. You will feel satisfied each and every day on your eating journey.

You won’t be suffering the side effects of short term diets that do not work. The best part is, you will become your future vision of yourself, and you will easily maintain your perfect weight. All this will happen because you have a Diet Plan you created – one you want to follow.

Arriving at your perfect weight, your Diet Plan is there to remind you where you started. A Diet Plan shows you what has worked for you and what has not. You can’t fall off your Diet Plan, because your Diet Plan is created by you, and managed by you. You can follow your Diet Plan for life. You will feel the wonderful health effects of a sound diet following your own Diet Plan in a few weeks, maybe less. Best of all you will enjoy every meal and snack you eat because you chose the food, not some book.

This is not a fly by night, drop twenty pounds in four weeks diet. This is a balanced, sensible, and highly achievable way of achieving your weight and health goals. You decide how fast or slow to go, and how to stay there when you arrive.

You are in charge of you, and not left with a good luck line six or eight weeks later, as other diets do when you lose the pounds you wanted to lose. You will have everything you need to once you arrive at your perfect weight, because you have your Diet Plan and you feel healthy. Make a few small tweaks and you have your plan for the long term.