Green Smoothies for Dinner Week One

Today I am coming to the end of my first week of having Green Smoothies for dinner. I bought a blender to make Smoothies a few years back after trying the exceptional smoothies created by the blender salesmen. It was not a snap decision, due to cost, but after a second go round and the last day they would be at the store, I made the leap and bought the blender.

I bought a couple of smoothie books and thought I was on my way to a new and improved level of good health. About a month into making smoothies, I noticed that nothing had really changed. I was eating less, but I was also drinking large size smoothies. When I stopped and thought about it, the smoothies were not healthy. They tasted great, and they were filling. Their ingredients list left a lot to be desired health wise. I was making [not cheap as they were expensive] poor man’s milkshakes.

They tasted great, they were filling, but they were not very healthy. I recompiled the ingredients I was using in my smoothies leaving out the fat and high carbs, but they did not taste as good as they did before.  They tasted of only one fruit or another. I had reduced the fat calories, started leaving out the oatmeal, yet there was way too much sugar from juice.

Little by little, my blender was seeing less use. The Grandkids however had been around in the blender heyday. Everyday they had a glass of whatever high fat, high calorie smoothie I made. They were hooked on smoothies. They took their smoothie love home when they left. Their Dad after hearing how good my smoothies were, and how easy they were to make, took up where I left off. He started making smoothies using whatever was in the refrigerator.

I am sure he had his share of bumps in the road, but he pressed on. The Grand kid’s were telling me how great the smoothies are for breakfast every day. They came to visit over the holidays, and I head in person what I was hearing over the phone, how good the smoothies were. I noticed the Grandchildren were no longer sugar-holics, the whole family looks slimmer and healthier. Smoothies got them to start exercising, and making better food choices. Now I am again jumping on the smoothie wagon.

This time however it is green smoothies for me. I do not know if as we get older we react to dietary changes faster, or our bodies are less resilient and differences between healthy and not so healthy foods are noticed quicker. Whatever the reason, Green smoothies are currently where it is at for me.

After one week, there is no doubt about how much my body enjoys a green smoothie. All my body that is except my eyeballs which haven’t found the colors too inviting. In my previous post, with the smoothie recipe I threw together, you can see it is simple. It is also a popular smoothie base or beginning smoothie for beginners I have discovered.

I found I am doing a few things wrong like mixing my greens instead of rotating them. Perhaps using soy milk instead of plain water. I will start rotating my greens, but I am on the fence about soy milk. The theory behind rotating greens is each family of greens has certain poisons by default that keep the plants alive and thriving. Eat too much of one family of greens and you risk the effects of being mildly poisoned. I doubt I am anywhere close to ingesting that level of green food, but I am going to start rotating greens so I do not eat from the same family of greens every day just in case.

After my first nights green smoothie, I was surprised how that salad greens and soy milk – less than 200 hundred calories total, filled me up as dinner, and I slept all night. I woke without feeling famished. Wow, must have been fluke I thought. I did have an oatmeal bar the night before too, but over all it was a lite dinner. Sort of a cold vegetable soup and a small bowl of oatmeal.

On the third night I decided to have only the smoothie itself. It was interesting that something so low in calories would fill me up. I slept well, and did not wake up hungry. What did happen on the fourth morning is about lunch time was I started craving a green smoothie. Not a serious craving, but one that said given the choice between a normal lunch and a green smoothie, I would pick the green smoothie.

One week of green smoothies for dinner, and I can really feel the difference. I don’t know if you have ever been on a serious diet or not. If you have, you know your body reaches a point where it sings for joy whenever you start eating? That is the feeling green smoothies have been giving me. Just the thought of eating a green smoothie and my body feels all excited. If it had its way, I would be sipping one throughout the day. Kind of funny, but after these few days I wonder if I am a smoothie addict for the short term?

I am not promoting smoothies of any type, and I am certainly not a smoothie or nutrition expert. A search using your favorite search engine or a trip to your local book store, will introduce to more than a few experts. You need to decide for yourself why is true about smoothies. I found some sites very good and fact based, and others reaching a little too far. Both on the plus and possible minus side of green smoothies.

I have a man who lost a lot of weight last year. He told me today he lost 47 pounds. He did it, he said, by going on a green smoothie diet from watching a video he found on the web. Mostly green and little fruit. He said he lost his extra weight in about two months. He say’s he felt wonderful, energetic, and never really became hungry. Unfortunately, he had no after the diet sensible eating plan so he has gained back some of the weight. He is planning on going on another green smoothie diet soon for a much shorter time period.

For me, it is more enjoyable to make and drink a green smoothie, than it is to make and eat an oversized salad. For the short term, green smoothies are replacing the grazing I used to call dinner. You know, a little of this and a little of that, whatever is left over in the fridge. Green Smoothies are making my body feel good, and feel good is most of the bottom line when it comes to what we should eat. You can read into that comment what you will. I will leave out the more energy, more awake, more vitalized, and other catch phrases that get thrown around in the world of what to eat.

I will mention I have lost a little in my waistline already. I made other lifestyle changes that effect my waistline so I can not say it is all the green smoothies. Substituting Green Smoothies for dinner has definitely reduced the night time calorie intake by at least half, and reinforces the old saying, “Eat Breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince, and dinner like a pauper”. Maybe Pauper’s always knew an eating secret the rest of us never learned.