Green Smoothies Feel Good, Week 2

I am coming up on my second week of Green Smoothies. I want to share with you, as you must have an interest in Green Smoothies too. For right now I am only managing one Green Smoothie each day half of the week. The other half of the week is hit and miss. I do not think there is any change we need to jump into 100%. The way I see it is it took until now to discover Green Smoothies and I have a lot of time to fit Green Smoothies into my eating. With that being said, there are some interesting changes going on in and on my body.

I read a lot of hype on the net about Green Smoothies. Both by web sites themselves, and ‘Testimonials’. I am a learned skeptic. I do not believe there is a magic pill, exercise, or other magic remedy that does everything including washing the dishes. I am so skeptical about Green Smoothies, I question what seems to be happening with me. I am also not a fanatic. Life is for living, and for right now, living solely on Green Smoothies for me is not something I think I want to do.

I am a Celiac, meaning I am allergic to wheat gluten. Believe it or not, wheat hides in just about everything. Even if wheat is not mentioned, if there are more than ten ingredients, wheat will be hiding among them. This makes eating well difficult. I though I ate well because I am Celiac, but obviously there are higher levels of eating well. Here is what I have noticed about me in two weeks of Green Smoothies scattered across the days.

– My skin has gone from dry and cracking to soft. No matter how much lotion I would apply, my skin would not get as uniformly soft as it is now,

– In the past I felt hungry most of the time even though I had eaten recently. Now after a Green Smoothie I may feel hungry, but I feel satisfied at the same time.

– Some of my aches and pains have stopped aching and paining.

– I find I think about and crave more Green Smoothies. Sometimes I catch myself thinking about drinking a Green Smoothie in place of whatever the next meal is going to be. To take this a little farther, it seems my body is willing to put up with whatever my meal may be even though it would be much happier with a Green Smoothie.

– Eating Sweets is happening less and less, not that I ate a lot to start with. Yesterday I thought I wanted some Peanut M & M’s (™), but after three, I did not want to eat any more. This has never happened before.

– Meat consumption is dropping. I usually meat for lunch at work, usually two to eight ounces. My interest in eating meat is declining. As a side note, I notice when watching television, I pay more attention to greenery than I did before – lol.

– The thought of going home and drinking a Green Smoothie is more powerful than snacking on a candy bar when I am out and about and get hungry.

– Coffee consumption is dropping. I find I enjoy my coffee now, but I do not need coffee to keep moving.

– I am waking up before the alarm clock while going to be a little later.

– Extra walking every day is not as tiring as it was. Walking has changed back to enjoyment. Walking doesn’t feel like a chore, or something I have to do.

– My finger nails have stopped cracking on the sides causing hang nails. They also feel stronger, and don’t feel like they may peel apart. I asked my Doctor about the peeling, and was told it was not important — hmmm.

– There has been less beard to shave every morning, and my fingernails seem to be growing slower than they were two weeks ago.

– Cracked skin between my toes left over from an athletes’ foot type problem I get every year in late fall between my toes has healed completely. Normally it is  a slower process.

– My feet are not as rough and scratchy as they were two weeks ago.

– I am not craving undefined foods. In fact other than Green Smoothies, I am not craving anything. A friend who has taken some dietitian type classes said that when we are not getting what we need, our body makes us eat even though most of what we eat is not what we need, we feel hungry and keep eating.

– I am sleeping more soundly.

Because I am a skeptic, I try to not be influenced by what I have read which is: “Green Smoothies are the real deal for better overall health”. I don’t know on this the second week of my drinking Green Smoothies if these changes are due to Green Smoothies, or something else unrelated, but right now I feel real good. I prefer to keep feeling this way.