Green Smoothie Questionnaire

These are some questions to help you determine what benefits you are getting from Green Smoothies. Copy these questions off to a text file for your use. Add a date at the top so you know the starting date. Answer these before your first Green Smoothie, and then add a new line in each question as you answer the questions again weekly. Add your new entry under your old one. After a month or so of Green Smoothies you will have a pretty good understanding of how Green Smoothies are helping you get healthy. If there is anything not covered in a question feel free to add it in at the bottom of the questions. Leave a comment for this post for others who may want to add it to their question list.

1. How you feel about your health?

2. How do you feel emotionally?

3. Do your feet hurt?

4. Do your legs hurt?

5. Do your hands or arms hurt?

6. Do any of your joints hurt?

7. Do your shoulders, neck or spine hurt?

8. Do you have recurring pain that either won’t go away or comes and goes?

9. How do you rate your energy level compared to the average person your age?

10. Do you feel like you are sleeping well?

11. How high are the white moons on your fingers?

12. Do you have any sores that are not healing as fast as they should be?

13. Do you have any recent skin discoloration?

14. Do you feel like you are losing your Strength.

15. Do you feel like having sex?

16. Do you have any recurring illnesses that seem to happen to frequently, i.e., colds, run down feeling, etc?

17. When you think about food, what food(s) do you want to eat?

18. How many raw vegetables and fruits do you eat each day?

19. What is your favorite meal?

20. What is your favorite meat?

21. Do you prefer vegetables, bread, rice, or potatoes, or meat when you eat?

22. When you feel hungry, do you feel hungry for something specific?

23. Do you get cravings for junk food?

24. Do you get cravings for other foods?

25. What drink makes up most of your liquid intake?

26. What drink is number two of your liquid intake?

27. How dry is your skin?

28. How translucent is your skin

29. What do you think of your complexion compared to when you in your teens?

30. How does the thought of exercise, house cleaning, or other physical activity make you feel?

31. Do you feel you have enough energy to do all that needs to be done in a day?

32. How does your mouth taste when you wake in the morning?

33. Do your gums feel firm and healthy?

34. When you think of vegetables, what vegetable(s) do you think of?

35. Are you losing weight?