Green Smoothie Expectations

I read of weight loss of over a pound a day by some people who went on a Green Smoothie only diet. Other people dropped twenty or so pounds over some months. I started drinking one Green Smoothie every work night in place of dinner and I lost over sixteen pounds in three weeks.

I walk ten miles or more a week for a long time now, and I joined a gym about the time I started drinking Green Smoothies. I know from past experience the gym doesn’t do a lot for weight loss by itself. So for me it is Green Smoothies in place of dinner that have the dramatic effect on my weight. I woke up hungry at night for the first two weeks, but after that I became used to it and now sleep almost all night.

There is a Doctor named Joel Fuhrman who wrote a book named, Eat To Live. Dr. Fuhrman wrote when you eat lots of Greens (nutrient rich vegetables such as in a Green Smoothie), once you reach your ideal weight, your weight loss will stop unless you are eating too many carbs or proteins.

Your experience will probably be somewhere in between the two extremes.

Watch each type of greens and how they make you feel. I made a kale smoothie one night, and it felt like I drank three cups of coffee. I didn’t think I was going to be able to sleep that night. Spinach and Beet Greens for me are good, though Broccoli feels better. Too many days of Broccoli and I start burping Broccoli, not sure why.

The first time I had a Green Smoothie, my stomach gurgled (sort of). Not sure what that is all about, but it has happened twice. The first smoothie and a second time after I went three days without a Green Smoothie.

As you continue drinking Green Smoothies, you may find you do not look forward to drinking one. When this happens it is time to rotate your greens. Search the web for rotating Greens and you should find enough sources to help you rotate your greens properly.