Getting Started with Green Smoothies

The next posts four or so posts in the “smoothies” section of my blog are what I have learned about Green Smoothies and wrote out for family members. A few family members for different reasons wanted to try Green Smoothies themselves. As often happens in families, I am the closest thing there is to a Green Smoothie family expert.

This information is readily available on the net on Green Smoothie web sites. All I have done is written out what I remember. If you want the correct and more detailed information about Green Smoothies please read the superior content on the many dedicated Green Smoothie websites.

The content contained in the next posts are written from my memory. Some of the information is what works for me. Other information is what I remember reading. The content of the next posts is valid as far memory goes. If you choose to use any of the information in the following posts remember the information may be wrong so you are using it at your own risk.

With that said, I hope the following posts can get you going in the right direction. Green Smoothies are the most nutritious meal you may ever eat, or drink. My thanks to the Green Smoothie sites I keep referring back to for more information and ideas.

You can find out more about Green Smoothies by doing a web search for: Green Smoothies. Enjoy