Flatten, Fix, Clean, and Polish, Like New

Having the Internet only a few clicks away anyone with even rudimentary searching skills can become enough of an expert on any subject within an hour, so there should be no need to be taken in by expensive health, ‘Fixes’

A great example is a certain berry that swept the country a few years ago. It was a weight loss and health reviving miracle according to the stories that were out there. People were losing weight without trying. They were feeling better than they ever had in their life. The powers contained in this one little berry were almost unfathomable. It was a hidden secret only recently discovered by mankind after tens of thousands of years of foraging for food. What a well kept secret this berry was.

All the hype and  claims made me curious one day. I checked the nutrient properties of this wonder berry and read its major health changing ingredient was magnesium. In fact that was the berries whole claim to fame. The berry contained high amounts of magnesium per volume.

Clicking over to a local pharmacy website, I found that I could buy a huge bottle of magnesium in 250 mg pills that could be chopped and quartered for about five dollars a bottle. Clicking a few more times, I found magnesium is needed in small doses for good health. In amounts a little larger, magnesium calms muscle spasms. In larger amounts, for me, the 250 mg pill size, it ensured I would never be constipated no matter what I ate.

Wow, buy the berry product for $30.00 or more dollars per bottle of 100, plus shipping, or buy magnesium pills from a pharmacy for about $5.00 for a bottle of 250, or about a three year supply for me. That was a no brainer decision.

Every week on the infomercials there is a new fat burning, muscle building machine or program that sells for somewhere over $100.00 and peaks out in the new car price range if you need the best available. All of them do what they claim to some extent. Some do it in a slow gently manner, and others quickly have you fit beyond for Special Forces school – If you can stick with them, that is.

All most of us need to get fit is to get off the couch and away from the kitchen for an hour a day. We could go walking, jogging, running, to the gym, hiking, climbing, try riding our almost brand new bicycles in the garage. That is all we really need to do.

There are some things we should not do on the Internet when it comes to us. Finding that perfect person comes to mind, but hopefully by now, we all know they do not exist outside of us. We should not be on the Internet diagnosing our most recent ailment. Self prescribing medicines or trying to buy prescription medicines online from overseas. What we can do however is be realistic and climb out of our head when evaluating health products, and think about our desire to make change in our life.

Owning a $5000.00 tread mill that lets you feel like you are running through the Swiss Alps, or strolling across a beach in Greece does not do a thing for us unless we are actually using it. If the cost does not meet the desire factor, it is not a good investment. If the cost meets the desire, there are cheaper alternatives that will provide the same end result for a lot less. Exercise and good health does not happen without personal involvement.

If you find yourself watching infomercials, or stumble across some neat item that makes promises bigger than is reasonable, click on to another page. If you can’t get the idea of owning whatever is out of your thoughts, do some research. What is really being said about it away from the website. What reviews are out there on it? Are they real reviews or planted reviews?

Finally, if you are not really willing to do whatever you are looking at buying can do for you, save your money. One other good thing to remember is nothing works as advertised for everybody. Most reasonable items work for many people, but that does not mean it is a good fit for you. Be realistic before spending your hard earned money.