Fearful or Fearless Living

Do you find or have you noticed how fear based we live? I mean really. If you have children or remember your childhood, who was always lurking, waiting to get you when you least expected it?

Do you know how many predators are on the Internet waiting to get into your head? Is your credit card, checking, bank account safe? How about your credit score, is someone in this instant stealing your identity?

Does your computer have a virus? Are the locks on your doors good enough? DO you have insurance if everything you own is stolen? How about your life? Can you afford a long hospital stay if you are hurt. Can you afford to have yourself buried?

I refuse to live in a fear based world, and live a fear based life. I am on a one way trip, and if I have to be here, I want to enjoy myself. I want to live a full life. I accept risk is a part of living.
I like people most days. I talk to strangers frequently, even when they do not respond or reply. I talk with homeless people. I occasionally pick up hitchhikers. I don’t pretend to be on my cell phone when someone is walking down the street towards me. I also try not to be stupid.

I like to take walks in different places. Sometimes I take those walks at night down dimly lit streets in strange cities, when I have no idea if I am in a safe part of town or not.

I started hitchhiking when I was eight. I was still hitchhiking at 26 in a foreign country. I walked the streets of a city in Korea alone. I walked in Jerusalem and enjoyed myself. I found myself lost in the wrong part of town in Gary, Indiana. I walked the streets in the bad part of town in South Chicago.

Only once, did I have a gun pointed in my face. I thought I could walk down the barrel of that pistol with my arms spread wide and not touch the sides of the barrel. Guess what? It was my own fault. I was young and stupid, and shot my mouth off to the wrong people. I was in a part of Minneapolis, where gangs were a way of life at that time. I lived in a town of six square miles at the time. I was ignorant.

It was 01:40 in the morning when I clicked on Yahoo. Below are some of the headlines. In one way or another, these headlines are meant to arouse fear in you. If you feel no fear, the headlines want to introduce the possibility of fear. Suggesting you are doing, not doing, know or do not know something you should. Some of the fears are personal, others are national, and some are vague. These are all fear based headlines in one way or another.

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Life is for living and having fun

You may not even realize you live in fear. Think about what you take for granted. Chester the Molester does not live next door to you. Monsters are not under your bed. Strangers are not people to be scared of. Mexicans and other illegals are not living the high life while you struggle to make ends meet. The world is probably not going to end next week.

If you are a Parent raising children in a fear based environment, think about what you are doing to your children, banishing them to a fear based life too.

Santa Clause, and not God rewards good children, and occasionally punishes bad children. Your child’s bedroom floor does not become alive with snakes when the lights go out. Tens of thousands of people died today, and tens of thousands of people will die tomorrow many of hunger, whether your children eat all their food or not.

Sure, horrible things happen to good people. Every day there are reports about bad things happening to good people. People are kidnapped, raped, and killed on a daily basis. You are still here, and you are safe.

People are also doing good things every day, trying to make a difference. Helping those who need food, clothing, or shelter. Reading books to children in the school library. Taking the time to open the door, carry groceries, or help in any number of ways. Every day tens of thousands of people are volunteering, helping where help is needed.

Each of us has one life. We can spend it living in fear, or we can spend it knowing that for the most part, every person we see tomorrow may be a better person than we are.

Living a fear based life keeps you small, doing the least you can do. The only change is change for the worse. Living in reality, and accepting something could happen to you, but probably never will, opens the door to the life you really want to live.