Empty Shelves, Entitled Shoppers, Stumbling Government

Empty Shelves, Entitled Shoppers, Stumbling Government – The new stressors

Reflecting on the last months of Covid-19, varied thoughts slowly bubble to the surface. The first weeks of isolation were frustrating. Not staying indoors, but staying indoors day after day, week after week, and now month after month. I can understand how prisoners in isolation lose their minds.

After the initial days, turned into a few weeks, staying home was an enjoyable process. There is a certain freedom in staying home. What those freedoms are feel mostly intangible, but on the surface, it is like being a preschooler once again. No where to go, no one to see, no worries about money and where it could be spent.

Standing in line, to shop for groceries
















I still feel that freedom of staying home. But these bumps arrive that disrupt the smooth ride of one day melting into the next. The first thing I noticed was changing cloths. Since I wasn’t going anywhere, and no one was showing up at the door, there was no need to dress as if I were going to leave the house. Shorts and a t-shirt were fine everyday wear.

As I am only dressing in shorts and a t-shirt, there is no real change in my daily activity. Get up, do chores, eat when hungry, and go to bed when I got tired. Every day since has been for the most part, “rinse and repeat”. Then I started to notice I had not shaved the day before. My hair was getting longer. I had to start remembering to change my cloths after a couple of days wear.

Shopping for groceries has changed into seriously shopping for groceries. Going for groceries only once and not more than twice a week. I started to notice grocery shopping was generating a large amount in what is otherwise a stress free life. Why would grocery shopping be stressful?

The other people shopping for their groceries. The stores I go to set up aisle travel directions. Pretty simple, look at the arrow direction to see if you can enter the aisle or not. Except it seems about thirty percent of the shopping public finds this too complicated, or simply do not care. Stressor number one defined.

The people who for whatever reason were refusing to wear a mask because it wasn’t, ‘mandatory’. Add some of these people to the people who can not follow simple aisle direction arrows. I do not know these people, and they do not know me. For all I or they know, I go nightly to beer busts or underground gambling. I could be carrying Covid-19 same as they could. Stressor number two defined.

Shoppers who do not understand what social distancing means in a grocery aisle, parking their cart right next to me because they have a busy life and need to get their shopping done as quickly as possible, and feel entitled to invade my social distancing space. Or they feel the need to pass on the left to stop on the right, and spend literally minutes deciding which bag of candies will best calm their sweet tooth. Agonizing over whether they should put a can of cream corn or a can of green beans in their cart. Stressor number three.

Limited grocery choices due to hoarding

And the list goes on in the grocery store. The streets were almost empty and slowly have become busier with people driving a lot faster with less attention than they did a month earlier. As if they really have somewhere to be after the grocery store. Or maybe they are feeling over stressed and want to get home where they are in control.

In all of this, I am amazed how many people want to return to life before Covid-19. Reflecting longingly how good life was before self isolation, and social distancing. Let’s be real. Life was not all that good. We raced through each day, angry at each other, distant from our family, superficial with our friends, not taking care of ourselves. The good old days were not that good.

Now, we have the bills piling up. The economy is in the dumpster. We have time to see the social injustice inflicted upon Black America. We have time to see the disparity between the lives of haves and haves not. Our president out on the golf course while our country sinks into the muck. Watching the, “Land of the Free” struggling not evolve into the land of an unstable dictator. No stress there.

For as bad as everything is, we now have time to pay attention and make a difference. Take a stand against racism, take a stand against our cancerous corrupt government. Take a stand against the way our fellow Americans are being treated while peacefully gathering. Send an email to your representatives. Call their office. If there is one thing we have right now it is time to do the big important things. And don’t forget to shower.

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