Dreams, Dreamscapes, and Dream Physics

There was a mystic of note around the turn of the last century through the nineteen-forties or thereabouts. His name was Edgar Cayce and was known as the Sleeping Prophet.

Cayce was an original and immensely popular. Cayce would be asked a question, and the answer would be given to him. He was the only mystic I ever read about back in the day other than religious mystics. There are volumes and volumes of information on Cayce, though some of them, are hashed and rehashed and regurgitated. I first read about him as a teen, and I was enthralled, and very curios about this idea.

If memory serves, Cayce would be asked a question, and then took a nap. When he awoke, he knew the answer to the question. Though I suspect his description of how exactly the process happened may not be what he claimed. Better a live Prophet than a burnt witch, or put in an asylum. All cultures and all times have stories of sometimes world changing information arriving in a leaders mind through a dream.

Nothing scientific here, as what follows is my observations of my dreams over the years. I find dreams fascinating as mentioned. While in a dream a dream may seem completely normal, same as being awake. Some dreams are so convoluted and at times irrational it makes one wonder why I had that dream. With few exceptions, physics and what we know about the world is thrown out the window. Depending on the dream and possibly the dreamer, there are two groups of physics, the physics that are applied to the dreamer, and the physics applied to everything else contained in the dream.

Dreams and Dreamscape

Dreams no matter what they are, are rarely boring

In some of my dreams, everything around me acts in what I think of as real time, yet my actions are in slow motion. In other dreams jumping long distances, moving faster than humanly possible, flying and other wild actions feel normal in the dream. In some dreams, there are one or more people I know (in the dream), and in other dreams I may be interacting or observing something with a group of strangers.

In one recurring dream, I was a teacher of some rather obscure subjects. Yet I was highly thought of for my teaching skills and knowledge. I have only had a handful of recurring dreams. I would have horrible nightmares when sick as a child. The first recurring dreams I remember having were as a Teen. Other recurring dreams happened randomly throughout the years.

Dreamland is sometimes takes place when lighting is weak, or dim, sort of dusk like. In other dreams, the sun is shining (and the hypothetical birds are singing). The landscape in my dreams goes from wooded forests to the sides or tops of mountains to what looked identical to any common environments, until I look closer.

One very interesting dream I have, usually after a lot of traveling, is a house based dream. By some accident or discovery, a door, a small panel in the wall, or walking around the outside of the house, I find the house different than I thought it should be. There may be other bedrooms that look just like mine, or another twenty rooms I never realized existed.

In the most recent dream of this type, the discovered part of the house was about five times bigger than what I thought was the house I was living in. I have waken while contemplating if I should be living in the large part of the house, rather than the smaller normal house I was living in. This makes the dream vivid and easy to recall.

There are exceptions to this, but sometimes my vision in dreams seems to be less than thirty feet or so. I think this is because of the fluidity of most dreams and the randomness of the physics. Then there are the dreams where I am standing on one side of a mountain, town or city, and I can clearly see the homes and businesses between myself and whatever distant point I am looking at.

Then there are the dreams that take place on other planets, or perhaps other realities. I am usually a visitor, and present to observe something that changes with each dream. Some parts of the dream are completely normal and other parts are hard to comprehend how they came about. Then I wake up, and wonder what I ate or was thinking about that caused me to have a dream like that.

Dreams also seem to be in the second person. Generally, I am watching myself in the dream, though who or what I am as I watch is a mystery. For all I know I am a movie camera recording what I am doing. I am interested in how your dreams compare? Are they the same general type, completely different, terrifying, or generally boring? If you would, leave me a comment about your dreams and observations.

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