Dieting and Craving

I want to write a little bit about diets and cravings. I have been on one sort of diet or another most of my life. All my dieting attempts have had little or no long term success. ANyone can lose weight, most of us are experts at losing weight. We are also experts at watching the weight return. The best of all the diets I tried is: The 30 Day Diabetes Miracle Diet. It is a book and being such lays out in simple terms most of the what and why of dieting. It is close to being the perfect diet, but not quite. My weight came back.

Now if you are like me and have spent months of your life on one diet or another, I know what you are thinking. There is nothing I can tell you about dieting that you do not know already. Anyone who has made serious attempts to lose weight and failed knows almost everything there is to know about dieting. It is not the diet that is the problem. The problem is the not stop cravings for the food that made us fat in the first place.

We know all about calories, fats and oils and carbohydrates. We know how much of each we should eat. We know everything there is to know to lose weight. We have the stamina and endurance to stick to a diet. We have done it before and we will do it again. We do it because we hope this next time we will get it right, and we will be able to keep our weight in check.

We know when the diet line gets crossed, when we have, “fallen off our diet”. At first it is one time and we give it little thought. Then a second time we slip it is okay, there was a good reason for it. Then in faster and faster intervals we have gone from a few dieting misses to eating a whole number of things we know we should not be eating. Our resolve to not eat junk food has wilted and can not be found.

It was only one candy bar, one ice cream, or one cookie. Then before we know it our semi new clothes are getting a little tight. Looking at our toes we assume we must be bloated because we do not see them as well as we should. Almost imperceptibly our energy levels have been dropping. Without even noticing we are doing less and less. One little taste of junk food has turned into a steady stream of junk food. The circle repeats. Another failed diet.

I have learned this about standard dieting: No one I have ever met can stick to a diet over the long term. I am not saying diets do not work. I am saying that in general the best diet most of us have ever tried does not free us from the constant cravings. Eventually those cravings win out. Been there, done that.

Why we fail at diets is because we have been lied to for so long, we don’t what we should know about food. The foods we are craving are making us fat because they satisfy our food craving like no other food we have eaten. The problem is, the craving only stops for a few hours, then is back again. No matter what supplement or pill we take, it does not stop the cravings that send us back to junk food. Never has before, and never will.

This food craving happens to me because of the food that is keeping me fat is the only food that stops the cravings. If you are like me, you can only ignore the cravings so long. Then in a second, there you re eating the food that you know is no good for you. But the cravings stop for a little while.

I do not know how or why, but I have found an answer to this problem. Without trying the cravings are gone without wanting to eat the junk food that is killing me. I can not believe the solution is so simple! Can you imagine how empowering it is to be hungry because of dieting, and not be craving some high calorie, high fat food? Have you ever imagined you could be hungry, and hungry is okay because you do not need to eat right now?

Put out those doughnuts, candy bars, soda, and fast food. I can now look at it all and see it for what it is without wanting to eat them, because I no longer crave it. Wow, “I no longer want to eat it, because I no longer crave them”. I never thought I would ever think those words, let alone share them with you.

It gets better because I will share with you what I learned for free, and you can share it with others. Unless of course you are not interested because this is not a well designed slick web site with pictures, and colors, and little hints of information followed by a BIG price tag to learn what we already should know about dieting and cravings. There should not be people like us, who spend a part of every day wondering how or when we will slim down once and for all.

Pay it forward – like in the movie.