Caterpillar Stands Tall, bad news BSA

This is the best news I have read in some time! I am glad Caterpillar inc has taken a public stand. Until Boy Scouts of America changes their thinking they will be operating without any financial help from one company which is not afraid to take a stand.

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (AP) — Caterpillar Inc. is no longer giving money to the Boy Scouts because the organization discriminates against homosexuals, a spokeswoman for the Illinois-based heavy equipment manufacturer confirmed Thursday.

Thanks David Mercer, Associated Press, for getting this story out!

I can hardly wait for other companies to follow in these footsteps. It is well past the time we grow up. It is time the Boy Scouts of America and other discriminating organizations like them grow up too.

As a former Boy Scout myself, I find this otherwise excellent organization  lacking and concerned about issues that are not theirs to be concerned about. Does anyone really believe that until now, every  young man that joined Boy Scouts of America and prospered in the organization was a  ‘Straight’ All American Boy? We do live in the real world.

Every one has at least one family member or friend who is Gay. I am tired of seeing people who are different being treated as someone less than, when it makes no difference except between the ears of the person doing the perceiving what that difference is.

Homophobia is a baseless phobia based in fear. BSA and other groups should grow up and understand most differences between people are not contagious. Unless that is, this feared behavior is already present in the person doing the perceiving, hidden away from the reality of their everyday life.

Good call Cat!

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