Microwave Tea trick

Here is a quick tip for microwaved tea using tea bags, if you heat your tea cup in a microwave as I do. I use different teas who’s tea bags have different levels of liking water. Some tea bags absorb water quickly and sink right into my tea mug.

Other tea bags are still floating high and almost dry after the water is heated and the tea mug removed from the microwave. Here is a pretty low tech way to manage these testy tea bags.

Microwave tea can be Problematic when tea bags float

Microwave tea can be Problematic when tea bags float

What I do is simple when I have tea bags who would rather float on top of the water is take a finger and roll my finger against the side of the cup with the tea bag in between the glass and my finger as seen in the picture below.

Roll the Tea Bag against the side of your mug or cup, pushing the air out.

Roll the Tea Bag against the side of your mug or cup, pushing the air out.

What this does is force most of the air out of the tea bag, and forces the ta bag to absorb some water. Then as the heating process starts the tea bag is at least partially submerged and tea creation can begin.

There are a few brands of tea which are very stubborn and even rolling your finger over the tea bag against the wall of the tea mug has little effect. These teas need hotter water than other teas before they will absorb water and start to release their flavors.

Now you can relax and enjoy your tea, instead of becoming frustrated with it.

Write Better in only Three Minutes a Day

Writing is being able to hold a conversation without the other person present. No more, no less. Becoming a better writer is easier than you think. Writing is not some secret art that only a few people can do well and everyone else struggles with.

I doubt anyone will read this post who is a professional writer. Writing as well as a professional writer, for the most part is reserved for professional writers. What you can do however is learn to become comfortable putting your thoughts on paper.

Whether you are putting words on paper or typing text in a simple text editor, writing is a simple process. What separates you from others who write well is not writing or very little writing. Writing takes practice as does almost everything else. The more you do it the better you get.

These simple steps will help you to write better with the least amount of effort. We can’t know what we can’t know. We can’t write if we don’t write. Let’s do some writing.

Open up whatever text editor is on your computer, Notepad, TextEdit, Gedit, Leafpad, Mousepad or another text editor. A word processor is not needed, although if you feel more comfortable using a word processor, use it.

1. Write three sentences about something that happened today. Your three sentences do not have to be about the same topic. For example:

“I woke up hungry today. I took my dog for a walk. The weather is hot and humid today, I am ready for winter”

The important thing is you write something. It doesn’t have to be pretty.

Write better by writing something every day

Write better by writing something every day

2. Each day before you go to sleep, write out three more sentences. Think about what you want to write before you sit down and write. Having an idea of what you want to say makes writing easier.

3. Every five to seven days, review what you have written. Read your sentences out loud. Do your words sound like conversation? If your words do not sound like conversation, what could be the reason? Write as you talk, you are having a conversation when you write.

4. When you find you can write out three sentences with little effort, it is time to start writing three sentences about the same subject.

If your daily three sentences have been about the same subject, try writing five sentences, turning your sentences into a complete paragraph.

This is all there is to improving your writing. A few minutes a day is all it takes. Soon you will be writing like you were a born writer. Your words will fill the page, and they will sound great. All that separates you from someone who seems to write without effort is practice.

Only a few minutes a day over time and you will become a natural writer.

Where Have All the Real Blogs Gone?

This is a rant about what passes for Blogs these days. I don’t know about you, but I am really disappointed in almost all the Blogs I try to read.

Blogs were created as a platform where a single author could write about his or her passion in life. Whether that passion was brewing what the author thinks is the best beer ever created by God or man, to writing about their dog and best Buddie Rex.

Perhaps someone wanted to write about the wonders of Linux, which I am rather fond of. Or maybe Bee Keeping, or making paper mache baskets and bowls from discarded office paper. Whatever the topic was, people enjoyed writing about their favorite subject, maybe even themselves.

How about trying to read about some trending trigger subjects these days? There will be several newly created, monetized blogs out there for you to read. Slick and pretty and advertising packed.  Can you even get through one paragraph before you are interrupted with a pop up window wanting you to register? All you need is provide your name and an email.

Then you could be alerted to new posts of which you may have an interest. That was a great idea! You no longer had to visit the blog itself to see whats new and may be of interest to you. You could wait for the email.

Some Blogs became popular and had any number of readers. Then came along marketing and the business world. Hey, did you know you can use your Blog to make money? Off to the races both Blogs and Bloggers went.

Passions became what the Internet wanted. Want to read about relationships and dating? We have it. Hope you don’t mind an advertisement in your face every ten seconds which needs to be clicked away. Trying to pay the bills you know.

Real Blogs are hard to find these days. They are relegated to the backwaters of the Internet. Most real Blogs are not making any money. If a real Blog doesn’t make money, it’s of little use to the machinery of the Internet. Like this artwork some street artist created for our pleasure, it was not seen by enough people to become important.

Is it worth less if it is free?

Free Street Art. Free and Internet rarely are seen in the same sentence.

That machinery starts with your favorite search engine. Look up a blog on any subject, and you will be sick of advertisements before you hit on a blog with no advertising. The Internet runs on money. If you don’t make money for someone and yourself, the Internet machinery doesn’t really care.

Good writing is such a rare thing these days. Many of us are into funny or striking pictures followed up by or including a thirty second read. Sometime this is all that needs to be done. Other times it is done to capture a market share. We readers forget a person on the other end took the time to write something that is important to them in some way or another.

This isn’t just my rant. This is an all inclusive rant of good people who have a message they want to get out to the world. The thing is, they can’t get their message out unless they become gloss and glitter and spend a lot of money monetizing their Blog. Even then they probably won’t make it.

If Bloggers choose not to generate income for the machine, they almost perish, sent to backwaters of the Internet when what they have to say is stumbled upon by accident. This is a shame, really.

I enjoy reading real posts by real people who have something they feel is important enough to share with the world. People who misspell words, have run on sentences, beat the horse to death. People who care about you, the Reader!

Hurting Yourself More Doesn’t Make it Better

I feel sad for certain people. They never had a chance to start out pain free. I wish I could reach into them and pull out their pain and hurt. It hurts to see people who have a need to go out of their way to make themselves an even  bigger target. Certain aspects of our personality are readily apparent. They do not need a sign to announce their self destructive behavior.

Sometimes as a result of prolonged pain and feelings of separation, a shattered ego runs their life so well the rest of the world and the people in it become fictitious. They learn to act in any manner they choose, because people and things are only around for their pleasure, to do with what they please. People and things become unreal, only they exist in their carefully crafted world.

It must really hurt to tell the world this about yourself

It must really hurt to tell the world this about yourself

If you can see yourself driving this car, please wake up. Do you have anyone in your life who is a real person and an honest friend? Is there anyone who wants to share their life with you? Anyone who is willing to trust you with their life? Are your parents and siblings proud of you and what you have become? Is there anyone who loves and  trusts you enough to marry you and have children with you?

I hope when the wake up moment comes for this young Woman, it comes with a whisper, and not a thunderbolt. I am afraid there have been too many thunderbolts already in this young Woman’s life. Let’s hope she regains her real life back before too much more pain, isolation and self destruction.

Some Things are Just Unknowable

When I go through my drawers in search of something I know I have, but can’t find, what I find instead has some identifiable of purpose.

The item in the picture is about nine inches tall. It has six stick legs. Those are in-line roller skates on its feet. I am sure there was more to this, when it was brand new.

My question is, who is going to buy this unless they happen to have the top half of whatever it is? This item can probably only be identified by two people, the maker, and the buyer.

This item can probably only be identified by two people, the maker, and the buyer.

This item can probably only be identified by two people, the maker, and the buyer.

Creative genius, or lost in space, it resembles nothing I have seen before.

Once a Clown

I do not particularly enjoy clowns close up. I did enjoy Watching Clowns and their act at the Circus as a child. When I was about eleven, I won tickets to “Bozo the Clown” show. Before the show even started Bozo complained to the producer, he thought I was too old to be on the show. Did this experience give me Clown bias?

As the show was live, Bozo was funny and very clownish. As soon as the recording stopped Bozo was not as funny or fun. That was about the last time I wanted to be around Clowns. In their defense I have met a few very nice people no matter they are in their clown costume or not.

I came across this Clown figure at a second hand store recently. I am surprised someone actually bought this Clown bust new. When I look at the bust, it looks more like the clown from Stephan King’s movie, “It”, than it did a playful fun clown. I expect it to start smiling with fangs and blood in its mouth. Is that the attraction?

Funny or viscious Clown?

Once a Clown always a Clown?

Maybe that is what people like about clowns. Perhaps some people wonder if another John Wayne Gacy, Jr is hiding behind the clown paint. I do not think I am alone in my thoughts about clowns. Many children are scared of clowns, and I think this fear follows many children into their adult life.

I suppose Clown are what they are. Maybe it our misunderstanding of what makes someone want to dress up in funny clothes, paint their faces, put on a funny nose, and have over sized hands and feet that is at issue. Maybe the Clowns have it all figured out and laugh at us, as we laugh at them?

Cold Hard Cash, er, Dough

Bread dough is a great trout bait in the right place and the right time of year. Of course other baits work better other times and places too.

I went trout fishing about a month ago. This was one of those times and places where bread dough was not the killer bait of the day. In fact I never even opened the can of doughy muffins.

After catching and cleaning four trout, and driving home, I put my fishing backpack away, not remembering I had a can of refrigerated dough still in my backpack. I found the dough today as I was putting away some hooks I purchased in my fishing backpack.

If you were ever curious, this is what canned dough looks like a month after it pops the can open, this is it. A bone colored hard as rock, looking like an odd piece of wood popping out of a can.  With humidity averaging below twenty percent, dry air made the dough hard enough to use as a hammer. Doesn’t smell like the muffins would have been very good cooked either,

Cold Hard Cash

Forgotten Refrigerated Dough, a Month Later

On the bright side there was no mess. A word to the wise…When putting your toys away when tired,  take a few seconds to think if there is anything needing to be taken out first.

Simple hacks for life with Parkinson’s – Mileha Soneji

If you know anyone with Parkinsons Disease this may be the most important TED Video of recent time. The video contains two neat tricks Mileha Soneji found to help a family member manage two simple tasks, drinking coffee or tea, and walking across the room.

Attached is a screen shot from the middle of the video. What you see will be amazing, and priceless for anyone you know with Parkinson Disease. The screen shot makes little sense, but it will once the video you will see Mileha Soneji is brilliant.



Here is an embedded link to the video.

Filmed February 2015 at TEDxDelft

Mileha Soneji: Simple hacks for life with Parkinson’s


Police Shootings in Albuquerque Critique

You may have heard the numbers Police Shootings in Albuquerque, New Mexico are some of, if not the the highest in the nation. It seems this notoriety brings criminal from all over who want to shoot it out with Police.

How many authors are there?

How many authors are there?

This was pulled off a bathroom wall in Albuquerque. I thought this is funny. I don’t know any Police Officers who openly support criminals.

Did the author really use two pens to write their message?

Maybe there is the original Author and a Ghost Writer(s) who turned it into humor?