Breonna Taylor Shooting, Sequence of Horrible Decisions

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron Tuesday night suggested the grand jury in the Breonna Taylor case could have made an “assessment about different charges,”

Irrespective of Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron commenting that outsiders have no business commenting on the Breonna Taylor case there are huge gaping holes in the case. Whether an outsider or a local reads about the case, wrong is wrong. Professional People made the wrong decision, starting with the Police, moving on to the Judge, and ending unfortunately with ex-boyfriend Jamarcus Glover trying to do the right thing.

The Police allegedly announced themselves before kicking in the door, by shouting ‘Police, Police, open the door’. What exactly is that supposed to mean in the middle of the night in a dangerous neighborhood, when you do not expect Police at your door? Who rationally would believe what they heard to be true?

You may or may not have heard the recent joke about the Trump smoke detector? It doesn’t sound an alarm because it doesn’t want to scare you? Tragically, this is the complete opposite of that joke. Police intended to scare. Police intended to intimidate. The Police scenario in the Breonna Taylor murder is beyond bad.

Consider the conditions Breonna Taylor and her boyfriend were living in:

They live in an apartment where their personal safety is always in question. If their safety were not a concern, why would the boyfriend feel he needs to sleep with a gun within his reach?

If you lived in such circumstances where you feel the need to have instant access to a gun, what would that do to your psyche? What would your reaction be to your door being kicked in when as you changed from asleep to awake?

In the third ‘statement'(?) the boyfriend made, it is claimed he heard the Police announce themselves. What exactly is this supposed to mean? Not a lot in my eyes. He was asleep when it all happened.

Consider for a moment you are asleep in bed in an apartment in a semi dangerous neighborhood. No one has a reason to be at the door at o’dark-thirty.

You are sound asleep. You may or may not have been awake enough to hear the Police announce themselves. If they did, does it matter? Do you believe it to be true? You hear pounding on the door.

There is no reason for Police to be at your door. In those moments between asleep and awake, how good is your reasoning? Police have no reason to be at my door. Home invaders do have a reason to be trying to break down the door. Is this the flow your mind would take after being jolted awake? This is the flow my mind would take.

I have my gun, and I have to protect Breonna and myself. Someone is busting the door down, I shoot, they shoot.

They live in an apartment on the first floor. They have two possible exit directions. The front door or patio door, possibly a rear window and/or door. Were these exits both covered? Was the sewer netted to catch any flushed baggies of drugs? If not, why not?

Police were executing a search warrant for packaged drugs which arrived through the mail. Ever try to flush a mailed package down the toilet? It’s not going to work.

I posit, anyone who lives in neighborhood where they feel the need to keep a pistol at their bedside, would act or react in the exact same way. Anyone(s) can stand at a door and shout, “Police”, anyone. If I was not expecting the Police at my door, I would not believe it was the Police and I would defend myself.

It doesn’t matter if the Boyfriend changed his account of what happened or not. It doesn’t matter if the Police were at the right address or not.

The whole system of executing a warrant of this type is archaic, and must be changed. You can’t flush mailed packages of drugs down the toilet, and Police shouting, and knocking down a door of a dark apartment in the middle of the night is just plain stupid, what other result could there be? This reads like another case of overly aggressive Police in action, looking for that adrenaline rush at any cost.

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