Beginning Harmonica Links

Web sites:

A Musical Playground: Harmonica Resources – Thank you Ms. Roselyn Marie!


Youtube videos:

Mitch Grainger – Step by Step Harmonica Lessons – Lesson 1

MrBlues57 – Worlds Easist Harmonica Lesson #1

Adam Gussow – All, I like this guy

Sandi Thom – Learn the 12-bar Blues (Harmonica Lick of the Week)

JP Allen – Harmonica Lesson For Beginners: Rhythm Lesson

Jon Gindik (jamcamp06) – Stop Fighting Your Harp!!!

Jason Ricci – Beginning Harmonica, Lesson #1, Jason Ricci, (C Harp).023

Beck Wenger – how to play harmonica (the blues)


Understanding Music

Michael New – Starting with – How Rhythm Works (Music Lesson)

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